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Posted on April 15, 2022 at 6:05 am

Being mindful of the present moment without judgment is the foundation of mindfulness meditation, a modern secular version of centuries-old Buddhist practices. In the “wellness” version, it first aims to calm the mind, reduce stress, boost immunity and improve quality of life. But recent scientific work also shows the usefulness of these exercises in more extreme situations, such as intense pain, grief, disabling internal conflicts, guilt… This is demonstrated by a clinical trial in volunteers suffering from chronic pain, following a mindfulness-based therapy. , a dramatic decrease in prescription opioid analgesics and experienced pain with effects lasting up to nine months (jama internal medicine, February 2022). Another study, in the United States, analyzed the effects of mindfulness in parents of victims of shootings, such as the one in Columbine, and affected by high levels of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, sleep disorders (consciousnessMarch 2022).

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After a mindfulness program, participants’ levels of post-traumatic stress and depression were reduced by 52% and their sleep difficulties by 26%. Their overall level of life satisfaction increased by 16%. A third Canadian study points to the interest of these practices in improving motivation to resolve blockages in achieving personal goals (Psychosocial Newsletter, March 2022). Finally, according to a study from the University of Washington, this form of meditation can reduce feelings of guilt (Journal of personality and social psychology, March 2022). However, with a not insignificant secondary effect: this “activate the moral compass” it would also result in less generosity!

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