“For culture, Emmanuel Macron intends to pamper living artists, Marine Le Pen the old stones”

Chronic. The fracture is clear, almost cartoonish. For culture, Emmanuel Macron seeks to pamper living artists, Marine Le Pen the old inert stones. First, creation, second, heritage. The two candidates have larger measures in store, but the displayed color of their program for the next five-year period is clear.

Creation and heritage have been the two legs of the Ministry of Culture since its creation in 1959. A trend is emerging. The first nine incumbents, all from the right, prioritized monuments, before socialist Jack Lang moved the cursor in 1981, emphasizing artists. Let’s not take a lazy fracture out of it, so many emblems of the past welcome today’s creation. Still, money is not stretchable, the debate was virulent between the two camps, cultural circles sometimes called on the state to abandon heritage to private sponsors.

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It is in this context that Emmanuel Macron, on March 17, listed his priorities: intensify requests from artists, extend the number of beneficiaries of the Culture Pass to students in 6Y turn it into the armed wing of art education, and create a European metaverse to defend authors against the Anglo-Saxon or Chinese giants.

Make the old stones “speak”

For her part, Marine Le Pen has vibrant words for heritage in her manifesto. denouncing a state that “to sack”, the National Rally candidate wishes to establish an inventory of memorable sites and make their reservation a national cause. He will establish a national heritage service open to volunteers aged 18 to 24, and owners of mansions or castles will benefit from more favorable taxes.

Heritage lovers, long tired of having the support of the far right, may not enjoy the way the candidate instrumentalizes the issue. In addition to the fact that various sites aggregate foreign cultures, it sweeps away the debate around the “protect everything”but always more central as time goes by.

It is above all the role that Marine Le Pen assigns to monuments that is striking. Noble buildings must remain “an important place in the moral recovery of the country”. She does ” to talk “ the old stones, which, unlike artists, do not speak. She gives them a French passport, not a universal one.

In Inheritance, Marine Le Pen does Eric Zemmour: his words are close. For culture in general, Zemmour does smooth. He intends to keep the Ministry of Culture when the polemicist wanted to reduce it to a Secretary of State for Fine Arts in charge of monuments and therefore cut off his aid to creation, which would only serve to feed the leftists who dirty France.

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