Environment: wind turbines on the Bessin, gets stuck

Benoît André, president of the Association for the Protection of the Environment of Bessin, in front of the measurement mast of the Manoir. ©Frédéric Leterreux.

“Are you for or against the feasibility study of a wind project? » last novemberthe inhabitants of Meuvaines (Calvados) were invited to comment on this topic. The result was definitive, 120 neighbors spoke. 20 answered yes, 100 opposed. The refusal was later formalized by the city council.

Now it is the turn of the nearby town of Lordship (Calvados) be affected by a wind project. On February 20, 2022, an agreement was delivered to the company Vensol Air to install a measuring mast. 103 meters high, planted outdoors in the middle of the field for fifteen days, it does not go unnoticed.

60 associations in Normandy

Benoît André, president of the APEB, Association for the Protection of the Environment of Bessin, does not give up. The association he presides over has about 120 members. “Last weekend, a dozen members came to join us. The project to install wind turbines in the Manoir dates back four years. But for a skywalk story, the promoter was forced to review copy of it. Hence the location of the measurement mast a little further away, this time outside the air corridor.

Benoît André recalls that “sixty associations are campaigning in Normandy against wind turbine installation projects. They are federated by Belle Normandie Environnement.

Some projects don’t make sense

Benoit Andre

Even if nothing is decided at the moment, the road is also very long before the blades of a wind turbine turn, half a dozen 150-meter-high wind turbines could be installed on the heights of the mansion. If the case comes to an end…

” For many reasons “

Benoît André and his association oppose the project “for various reasons. First of all, the proximity to the historical sites of the Battle of Normandy. The wind turbines are visible from everywhere, particularly from the very close Bazenville English Cemetery. Without forgetting the impact on the environment with an industrial facility for electricity production with 3,000 cubic meters of concrete poured on agricultural land. »

A concrete that will probably remain on the construction site for quite some time, even after the wind turbines are dismantled… Benoît André wonders: “Who will manage this mass of concrete, how much will it cost…”

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Some are not necessarily losers with wind turbine installations: urban communities receive subsidies, municipalities, farmers who rent their land. While the houses located around will lose their value. Heritage will be devalued, it is obvious.

Benoit Andre

A Ryes neighbor does not take off either: “It will be behind us. We immediately signed the petition…”

Fontenay-le-Marmion, with a project considered “excessive” by the inhabitants invited to express themselves, Soumont-Saint-Quentin, south of Caen, to name just these two cities… Wind turbine projects are obviously a long way from achieving unanimity in Calvados.

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