Elden Ring: Say goodbye to frame rate limits and hello to widescreen with this mod!

news council Elden Ring: Say goodbye to frame rate limits and hello to widescreen with this mod!

You may not know this, but even on PC, Elden Ring’s frame rate is capped at 60fps and its refresh rate at 60Hz. This can be a problem for gamers who can’t take advantage of the advanced rendering options on PC. your gaming monitors. Fortunately, there is a mod that allows you to overcome these limits, and much more!

An ingenious and united community

Nearly two months after its release, Elden Ring is still being talked about a lot. New ways to play are discovered every day, whether it’s tips for defeating recalcitrant bosses, new healing methods, secret passages hidden in the stage, or even incredible speed records. Sometimes the best advice comes from slightly crazy challenges, which however have nothing to envy to the creativity and sense of humor of some players. As you have no doubt understood, the Elden Ring community takes sharing very seriously, and this notion of mutual aid does not spare modders.

Since its launch last February, From Software’s game has had more than 500 mods in nexus mods, not to mention the individual modders who share their creations on their personal pages. Some mods reflect players’ nostalgia for the ’90s, while others aim to further expand the community by making the game more accessible in terms of difficulty, allowing slightly more casual players to enjoy the game. Adventure into the Underworld. Thanks to the mods, fans can fully customize their experience of the game, including when it comes to graphics. One particular creation in this area caught our attention, and you may also be interested in:

FPS Unlocker and more: the mod that makes the difference

A group of modders are behind a third party program to make some interesting modifications to Elden Ring. Among its functions is the ability to raise game frame rate limitwhich is set to 60fps by default, but also the one on the Update frequency which is restricted to 60 Hz for full screen viewing. It is also possible to modify the field of viewdisable certain camera settings, such as auto-rotation and centering related to enemy movement and orientation, and even to use large screens. Regarding the changes in the game, the players will be able to change game speedand disable rune loss on death. If you want to see the mod in action, you can find a preview below:

If you are interested in this program, Please note that its use requires disabling Elden Ring’s online features and anti-cheat software to avoid being banned. If you don’t know how to perform this manipulation, you can find a guide on this page. Also, if you want to enjoy higher fps, you will need to disable VSYNC on your graphics card first. You’ll find this option in your machine’s Nvidia or AMD settings, and detailed steps on how to next page. This is also where you can download the mod. FPS unlocker and more : click on “Get the latest version here“and download the file”EldenRingFPSUnlockAndMore_v1.1.0.0.exe“- or a newer equivalent in case a new version of the program is released soon. All you have to do is start the installation and follow the instructions!

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