€250 savings on the Surpass and Vélobécane range on Cdiscount

The advantages of the electric bicycle

The electric bicycle is very popular among many people and this is explained by its many advantages. It is not mandatory to use the bicycle motor, it can be activated only when necessary, to climb slopes for example. There are also grants to buy an electric bicycle, particularly from the State, for an amount of up to €200.

The 5 best offers that you cannot miss

If you want to treat yourself to an electric bike from the Surpass or Vélobécane brands, now is the time, as the online merchant Cdiscount currently offers very attractive prices on these products. Here are 5 particularly interesting offers:

  • The Easy Vélobécane electric bicycle at €1,289 instead of €1,599. It has 7 speeds and its autonomy is 40 kilometers. It is equipped with a luggage rack.
  • The Compact Vélobécane electric bicycle goes from €1,200 to €949. It is foldable to take up little space when not in use and offers 50 kilometers of autonomy.
  • The Sport Vélobécane electric mountain bike at the price of €799.99. It will be ideal for your sports outings and will adapt to all surfaces. It has 7 speeds and 75 kilometers of autonomy. Thanks to the collaboration between Cyclofix and Cdiscount, you save 10 euros on your repairs.
  • The Survaepliantin Surpass electric bicycle at €649.99. Its vintage lines are very nice and it has luggage racks. It is also foldable.
  • The Surpass full-suspension electric mountain bike at €999,999. It allows you to choose between 8 speeds and its autonomy is 70 kilometers.

Discounted payment facilities

Despite the offers, the prices of electric bicycles are quite high. But Cdiscount thinks of its customers and offers them to pay for their purchases in 4 installments. Simply select this option on the checkout page when ordering. The ideal solution to spread payments and not usurp your purchasing power.

To go for a walk, or for your trips to your workplace, an electric bicycle will serve you on many occasions. To find the best prices on the Vélobécane and Surpass brands, trust Cdiscount.

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