Anatomy of a scandal: is the series inspired by a true story?

Conceived by David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies), the miniseries “Anatomy of a Scandal” with Sienna Miller is on sale from this Friday on Netflix. It is the adaptation of a novel by Sarah Vaughan, a former journalist who notably worked for The Guardian.

The series is a fiction, but nevertheless inspired by several scandals that have occurred in England in recent years, said the author, in particular the marginalization in 2004 of the conservative party of Boris Johnson for having hidden his affair with Petronella Wyatt, a journalist from the viewer.

“Anatomy of a Scandal draws on my experience as a political correspondent for The Guardian and as a reporter who covered many high-profile stories and trials involving high-profile figures,” Sarah Vaughan told Exploring Exeter, when Télé7Jours saw it.

“But I actually dreamed about the plot after I was disturbed by media coverage of a rape case. It was November 2013 and soccer player Ched Evans was trying to appeal his rape conviction. I was bothered by the way commenters portrayed the alleged victim, he explained. I began to think how horrible it must have been to muster all his courage to report a rape to the police and have his testimony questioned in court and in the newspapers. I also thought about our #MeToo experiences, even though we didn’t have that term at the time, and how much I didn’t want my daughter, who was 8 at the time, to go through certain things that I might have. past when I learned to navigate sexual politics when she was in her early twenties.

“Amazing psychological thriller and legal drama”, as Netflix describes it, the Anatomy of a Scandal series “seeps into the British elite through personal and political scandal, where the truth lies somewhere between justice and privilege” .

The synopsis: James and Sophie Whitehouse lead a peaceful and refined life. An important politician, head of a loving family, James seems to have a destiny mapped out. Until a scandal comes to light. Lawyer Kate Woodcroft has her own conviction, and her prosecution risks shattering Westminster, the Whitehouse marriage, and her self-esteem.

The cast includes Sienna Miller (American Sniper, The Loudest Voice), Michelle Dockery (The Gentlemen, Downton Abbey), Rupert Friend (Homeland, The Death of Stalin), Naomi Scott (Aladdin, Charlie’s Angels), Josette Simon (Sacred Witches), Geoffrey Streatfeild (The Other Boleyn Girl) and Joshua McGuire (Lovesick).

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