Top Chef: Lilian shares video after her surprise departure

The Top Chef contest was marked last night by the unexpected departure of Lilian Douchet for “personal reasons.” The cook reassured her fans on her networks.

Although last night, Stéphane Rotenberg quickly announced the departure of Lilian Douchet at the beginning of the program, the viewers were left in a state of shock. “In Paul Pairet’s purple brigade, Lilian had to stop the competition for personal reasons,” explained the presenter before specifying that “as established by the regulations, she is replaced by the last outgoing, Wilfried. Wilfried, good luck, you’re back in the competition.”

An exit that reacted on Twitter. Baffled, fans shared their misunderstanding and criticized this announcement as being too expeditious. “How did you stop the competition? And they tell us that without tact?? “, “Lilian had to stop the competition for personal reasons. You also yelled “NO!” and she had an extrasystole? ”,“ But… Am I the only one surprised? They announce Lilian’s departure in 3 words…”, “Stéphane who announces Lilian’s departure in 10 seconds when it will take the entire show to recover”, the blue bird could be read on the net. .

Lilian Douchet took the floor

A little later in the evening, the cook reassured his many fans. One of the public’s favorite candidates, Lilian Douchet, posted a video on her Instagram account. With a smile, the 28-year-old explained, “Well, as you may have seen on tonight’s episode, I left the Top Chef competition for personal reasons.”

Then he calmed the fears of his fans: “but don’t worry, everything is fine today.” Visibly moved by the messages he received, he thanked his numerous followers. “I really wanted to thank you for the benevolence and kindness you showed me,” concluded Lilian Douchet without saying more about the reasons that pushed him to leave.

For the record, the chef, passed through many starred restaurants, had operated with Top Chef his return behind the stove. Before joining the competition kitchens, Lilian had not cooked for two years. Stopped in his tracks by the lockdown, when he was about to buy his own restaurant, since then he has been a director of a hypermarket.

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