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On April 2 and 3, the Health Communication Festival awarded laboratories and organizations that have developed bold and successful campaigns despite the pandemic. Summary with the “super winners” of this 31the edition.

Among the 110 projects in competition, two Grand Prizes were unanimously approved and tied: “Tirons un trait” (Gilead Sciences – Addiction Agency) that challenges people living with HIV in their right to a normal life and “It’s for a friend” (French Red Cross – OTTA), which raises awareness about isolation and depression through the Croix Rouge Ecoute psychological assistance system. The OTTA agency -revelation on this 2022 list- bets on a moving film, associated with testimonies from influencers and drawings by Petit Pied to illustrate mental discomfort. A useful campaign, 100% digital, which also won the Student Award. It is therefore a double success for Stéphanie Laporte, its founder, which reinforces the creation of a health activity within the Bordeaux agency specializing in social networks and “intelligent advertising”. She has also just signed a second film with Doctors of the World and is starting a partnership with ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine.


“These last two years have been marked by the rise of social networks that allow information to be decompartmentalized and achieve the long-awaited virality,” says Marine Maurice, head of communication at Merck France, which is one of the big winners of this 31the three-award winning edition for “Protect your fertility” with Influactive, “MS and modernity: freedom of expression” with RCA Factory and Money+Associés, and “Microbiotiful, discovering everyday microbes” with Studio 18. “We have given him carte blanche to Influactive who offered us a film based on what our target wanted to hear: what are your chances of not having a child in 10 years? Result: we reach 36% of young people between 18 and 25 years old, our main target”, she points out. For the second campaign, photographer and artistic director Gautier Van Lieshout took 11 candid and authentic photos of mothers and mothers-to-be gathered in the book “MS and Motherhood: Freedom of Expression”, which was shared with patients and doctors, placed in the community “Let’s fight against MS” and exhibited in regional university hospitals. Finally, the third campaign reinforced the visibility of Merck Molsheim, which manufactures Petri dishes, through a series of YouTube videos on microbes, a playful campaign that was implemented even in primary schools.


Another beautiful story that made noise: that of the Fabuleuses, in the prolongation of the Audacieuses, which brought ovarian cancer patients to the stage of the Montpellier Opera on September 24. “This original artistic project was born at the initiative of doctors, who are also musicians, with the IMAGYN, BRCA France and Mon Réseau Cancer gyneco associations, who wanted to break the isolation of their patients”, highlights Céline Cortot, head of oncology patient relations at AstraZeneca . A first and foremost human adventure for these eight singers and their doctors, accompanied by M-Eden.

Twice awarded, AstraZeneca also distinguished itself with LJCom in the campaign “Because cancer does not wait” co-constructed with the associations Laurette Fugain, Patients in the network and Europa Donna. “We have sought to be as representative as possible in our messages, visuals and channels, to encourage people to continue seeking treatment and getting tested despite the pandemic,” explains Hélène Bléher, oncology communication manager. “We have also acted on temporality, broadcasting on stations during the holidays, or on social networks during the months of raising awareness about specific tumors,” adds Laurence Jacquillat, director of LJCom, which has three other award-winning campaigns.

The short film “Our lives in the hospital around Covid” thus contributed to highlighting the intervention of the caregivers of the Rothschild Foundation Hospital at an unprecedented time. With Blue Balloon for Medtronic, the idea was to change the perception of patients with type I diabetes. “It’s like living your life by keeping a balloon in the air all the time,” she says. In the direction of precision communication, LJCom worked with micro-influencers and shot a film broadcast on konbini. Finally, the “IBD without a filter” campaign was carried out from A to Z for Janssen, from the concept of photographing 8 patients to illustrate the “Regards Croisées” survey themes to the media coverage. The staging of health actors and co-construction with patient boards are key success factors for these campaigns, according to Laurence Jacquillat.

In repeated confinements, another campaign made noise: “#revoirsonmédecin” that encourages chronic patients to consult. Assembled in the space of three weeks, the operation associates LauMa Communication, ByAgency, Actor de Health TV, around the French Federation of Diabetics, CNAO, Alliance du Cœur, SFS, the Foundation for research on hypertension and support from Medtronic. “We have all activated our networks to multiply the resonance by ten,” says Emmanuelle Klein, CEO of LauMa. With a benevolent and positive tone around a simple message: “thank you for your patience. Now take care, make an appointment. Doubly awarded, LauMa has also distinguished herself with the podcast “Cancer du sang, nos vies” for the Laurette Fugain Association, ELLyE and AF3M, in collaboration with AbbVie, which collects the sincere and moving testimonies of 14 patients, caregivers and loved ones, from the experience of wandering, to diagnosis and referral.


At the 2022 awards, the FMAD agency also had its moment of glory by winning five awards. “The jury fell in love with the ESAI greeting cards, which again wish neurologists and oncologists a happy new year in September 2020, after the “failure” in January,” says Frédéric Maillard, its president. As part of the “The Day After” campaign on metastatic breast cancer, Étincelle showed reactivity and audacity by displaying a full page on “Cancer, we really want to upset you” in Le Parisien, a few days after the presidential statement. She also welcomes “the sensitive announcement by the Tulipe association to the general directors of the pharmaceutical industry” and the very humorous tone of the ANEPF about the need to wear a condom during fellatio to protect against STIs. Not to mention the efforts made in the “Virons le Virus” operation, during the pandemic, to encourage the French, especially the youngest, to get vaccinated. “To hit the mark, we need to define a smart marketing mix,” concludes Frédéric Maillard, who warns of “over-digitalization” in particular among health professionals.”

To stand out in a media-saturated landscape, you must first be authentic and have a great story to tell. What small, agile and creative agencies, well represented in these multiple awards, have been able to do well.

Marion Baschet-Vernet

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