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Postponed due to the health crisis, the fifth edition of the Côte-d’Or Agricultural Trophies sold out this Thursday evening at the Palais des Congrès de Dijon. Organized by the public good In collaboration with the Chamber of Agriculture and with the support of important partners (Departmental Council of Côte-d’Or, Crédit Mutuel, Waltefaugle, Fromagerie Delin, Clef Énergies, Enedis, Dijon Céréales, Cerfrance and Groupama), this ceremony has made it possible highlight ten actors in departmental agriculture, highlighting innovative initiatives that provide solutions for the future in various fields.

Vincent Lavier, president of the Côte-d’Or Chamber of Agriculture, opened the ceremony by stressing to farmers that “they are ready to take on challenges if they are given the means to do so. I believe that agriculture, as it has always done, will continue shaping landscapes, will seek solutions to recreate added values ​​in the territories and will become an important actor in energy autonomy while preserving the environment”, he said before giving the floor. to Olivier Mevel, professor of management sciences, consultant in strategy and marketing of agri-food brands, who gave a conference on the theme “5Y Food transition: what proposals for a better distribution of added value in favor of agriculture?

Innovative and promising ideas.

Below is the royal ceremony presented by Laurence Alexandrowicz and Serge Rombi. Ten trophies were awarded, rewarding farmers from the Côte-d’Oriens in different categories: intergenerational agriculture, innovative for the environment, creator of added value or even source of energy… not to mention the jury’s favourite. Emphasis was placed on the successes of the agricultural world, innovative initiatives that provide solutions for the future.

Music, magic and cocktails

This festive evening marked by conviviality continued with a moment of exchanges mixing cocktails, music with a jazz trio (Julien Vuillaume, Caroline Schmid and Olivier Bernard) and “foreground”: Anael, a local magician (he east of Précy -sous- Thil), who will participate this summer in the world championship of magic in Quebec City, offered, during the night, some local and interactive magic tricks where the incredible happened before the eyes of the guests.

Eye, a nod to the previous edition with the participation of Gaec Colson – Ferme de Labergement, winner of the Intergenerational Agriculture Trophy in 2020 who came, this year, to offer tastings of their “made in Moloy” made with milk from their production. More milk and to end this evening in style with the 100% Côte-d’Or brick offered by Fromagerie Delin to each of the participants.

Trophy for Innovative Agriculture for the Environment: Couchey Wine Syndicate

In 2019, the Syndicat viticole de Couchey initiated, for the winegrowers of the municipality, a collective approach with a view to obtaining the HVE (High Environmental Value) level 3 certification. This initiative, which reflects the desire of the winegrowers to commit themselves together in the ecological transition, has been crowned with success. The farms of Ghislain Kohut, Clémancey, Philippe Robert, Derey, Sirugue father and son and Denis Fournier are currently officially certified or in the process of being certified. Laurence Genet, Regional Director of Crédit Mutuel Bourgogne – Champagne, presented the Trophy for Innovative Agriculture for the Environment to Ghislain Kohut, President of the Couchey Wine Syndicate.

Bastien Lassagne, Didier Cannac, Élise Bazzana and Viviane Lallemant Joannet.  Photo LBP/EB

Trophy for intergenerational agriculture: Liquoristerie Joannet

The blackcurrant has been a family affair for three generations. Jean-Baptiste and Hélène Joannet, soft fruit growers in Arcenant, started the liqueur business in 1978. Their daughter, Viviane Lallemant Joannet, joined them and took the reins for about twenty years. Today, it is up to Élise Bazzana, her granddaughter, to preside over the destiny of this artisan company. The Intergenerational Agriculture Trophy was coming to them. Élise Bazzana and Viviane Lallemant Joannet received this award from Didier Cannac, CEO of Waltefaugle, and Bastien Lassagne, Solar Business Director of Clef Énergies.

Anello Iannuzzi and Cedric Bazini.  Photo LBP/EB

Trophy for local agriculture: Cédric Bazin

Cédric Bazin, a Charolais cattle breeder based in La Rochepot, is heavily involved in the development of local circuits. Invested in the concept “Taste from here, made in the Beaunois region”, he also organizes markets within his estate. He plans to open, with his wife Lucie, a permanent point of sale on the farm in collaboration with local producers, a point of sale that should open its doors by the end of the year. So many actions that Cédric Bazin earned the Trophy for local agriculture from Anello Iannuzzi, regional director of Crédit Mutuel Bourgogne – Champagne.

Marc Frot and Perrine Doudin.  Photo LBP/EB

Trophy for agriculture at the service of gastronomy: Helixine

In Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, four open-air parks and a glass greenhouse welcome some 200,000 gros-gray snails a year, which feed on plants grown on the site. Helixine, an organic snail farm, was born in 2020. From breeding to marketing, through processing with local ingredients, Perrine Doudin masters all the stages. In this scheme, she has validated original recipes with professionals that she herself elaborates in her laboratory. Marc Frot, vice president of the departmental council of Côte-d’Or, presented him with the Trophy for agriculture at the service of gastronomy.

Matthieu Besançon and Didier Lenoir.  Photo LBP/EB

Agriculture of the Future Trophy: Matthieu Besançon

Based in Saulx-le-Duc, Matthieu Besançon runs an organic farm with 9,000 laying hens and cultivates 45 hectares of organic cereals (alfalfa, wheat, peas, sunflower, etc.). Last year, in partnership with Jérémie Fischer, a farmer from Blagny-sur-Vingeanne, he invested four million euros in the installation of a methanation unit between Échevannes and Crécey-sur-Tille. Didier Lenoir, president of Dijon Céréales, presented him with the Agriculture of the Future Trophy. A reward that highlights the resilient, diversified and autonomous system in which the young farmer has embarked.

Philippe Delin and Guylain Degryse.  Photo LBP/EB

Trophy for agriculture that creates added value: cooperative Les Coteaux Bourguignons

Located in Nuits-Saint-Georges, the Les Coteaux Bourguignons cooperative brings together some fifty producers (about forty conventional and about ten organic) who exploit blackcurrant orchards and innovate in the search for outlets. They harvest the fruits but also the buds and, more recently, the leaves, which earned them the Trophy for agriculture that creates added value. Philippe Delin, president of Fromagerie Delin, presented the trophy to Guylain Degryse, administrator and organic manager of the Les Coteaux Bourguignons cooperative.

Carole Bonneau and Benjamin Verdot.  Photo LBP/EB

Trophy for digital and connected agriculture: Le Potager de la Borde

The market’s gardener, Benjamin Verdot, who created Le Potager de la Borde in 2017 in Chemin-d’Aisey, produces seasonal organic vegetables. To communicate and bring his customers closer to his garden, he relies on social networks, particularly through his Facebook page, which he brings to life by providing content every two or three days. It now has a community of about 3,000 members, earning it the Digital and Connected Farming Trophy. Carole Bonneau, Director of Communication at Enedis Bourgogne, presented him with this distinction.

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