Shopping | Tommy Hilfiger puts black culture in the spotlight through a series of podcasts

(ETX Daily Up) – Podcasts no longer seem to hold any secrets for the fashion industry, which uses them to get closer to its audience and highlight its commitments. This is the case of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, which today announced the launch of a series of podcasts to highlight black culture and creation through the history of American fashion.

The Tommy Hilfiger brand enlisted designers, fashion historians and academics to celebrate and shed light on the overlooked cultural contributions of the Black community through fashion. All through a podcast series called “The Invisible Seam: Unsung Stories of Black Culture and Fashion,” which will officially launch on April 20.

No fewer than five episodes are already scheduled to “explore[r] moments in history when black Americans demanded respect, challenged norms, built community and imagined the future, all through what they wore.” Developed as part of Tommy Hilfiger’s People’s Place program, working on behalf from underrepresented communities within the fashion industry, the series is the result of a partnership with The Fashion and Race Database platform and Pineapple Street Studios, founder and principal investigator of The Fashion and Race Database, which will host the various episodes .

“Tommy Hilfiger’s partnership with The Fashion and Race Database is a game changer because it shows what’s possible when industry leaders listen and collaborate with those of us who do the work of educating and advocating for a healthier fashion system. diverse and socially responsible”. says Kimberly Jenkins.

The podcast series will be based primarily on guest interviews with experts from a wide variety of fields, including designers, academics, fashion historians, museum curators, stylists, and artists. No fewer than five episodes will air between April 20 and May 18, one a week, every Wednesday.

The first episode, “No Blueprint,” will set the stage for the podcast series, with several guest stars: creators Jeffrey Banks and Romeo Hunte, as well as costume designer Ceci. The trailer for “The Invisible Seam: Unsung Stories of Black Culture and Fashion” is now available. More information:

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