Montreal presents a three-year plan for culture

The year 2021 had been a prolific one for the Quebec book sector: with sales growing 16.3% compared to 2020, rising production, paper and printing costs have weakened the literary community. In six months, paper prices have also known, in Europe, an average rise of 45%, according to Intergraf.

Faced with the serious consequences of the health crisis in the world of culture, the Quebec Culture and Communications Office, the Quebec Council of Arts and Letters (CALQ) and the Society for the Development of Cultural Enterprises (SODEC) , have presented a plan of almost $226 million for the cultural world.

Divided into three objectives: consolidate, shine, boost, this plan, established over three years, aims to offer predictability to actors in the field and promote the international influence of creators and their works.

[…] I wish that [ce plan] it is the spark plug for an even stronger ambition, which gives you confidence in the future. Culture is a priority for our government. For us, cultural expression is a source of collective pride and it is important that it can shine more than ever, both nationally and internationally. I am convinced that this plan will give the cultural community the means to achieve its ambitions! Nathalie Roy said in a statement.

$123.3 million is planned to insure organizations weakened by the pandemic; $79.5 million to encourage and promote production; and $23 million will also support bold digital productions.

A blessing for the Quebec edition

This budget, confirmed in the 2022-2023 budget plan presented by the Government of Quebec, was very well received by the actors of the Quebec book world: ANEL salutes, in a press release, this ” excellent news According to the Association, the budget for the SODEC editorial assistance program is increased by $2 million in 2022-2023, while the program for associations and collective projects sees its assistance increase by $4 million in three years.

Publishers here face many challenges, such as ever-increasing production and printing costs, as well as labor issues. They are also committed to innovation and many are embarking on the development of new formats, such as accessible books and audio books. », declared Arnaud Foulon, president of ANEL.

For the organization, which supports the growth of the publishing industry and ensures the influence of Quebec and French-Canadian books nationally and internationally, this new cultural plan, ” additional government support for the book sector », is a real opportunity in the promotion of Quebec publications.

UNESCO, established in the Quebec region, has congratulated on this bold new plan.With this plan, the government reaffirms its unwavering commitment to culture, which becomes even more relevant in the face of the great effects of the pandemic. In Quebec and internationally, cultural diversity, creativity and innovation will always be promoted and defended. »

Credit: Pexels / Abby Chung

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