In Brazil, the voices of indigenous peoples have found an echo in former President Lula

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon, in Brazil, won strong support this Tuesday (April 12) in their fight against various bills that threaten their territories in the person of former President Lula, the 2023 presidential candidate, and, for the time being, , the great favorite in the elections next October. In fact, they have come to the camp that nearly 8,000 of them have set up in Brasilia to oppose a particular bill that seeks to allow the exploitation of their natural resources, whether minerals, oil or gas.

>> At the beginning of March, a massive demonstration against the environmental policy of Jair Bolsonaro

The indigenous people are strongly opposed because they already know the harm of illegal gold mining in the Amazon. The presence of the former presidential candidate was therefore a great victory for them because, not only did he recognize that his government had made mistakes, he was blamed in particular for the Belo Monte dam in the Amazon, but above all he is very committed . if he returns to power in January 2023.”It is true that the Workers’ Party government has not done everything it should have done, and the serious thing is that practically everything we have done has been dismantled. We do not want an invasion of indigenous lands.” the former president said.

“Caring for the forest is an obligation of the Brazilian State.”

Former President Lula, candidate for 2023

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“I want to tell you that you are going to have to participate in the development of my government’s program,” he added. Indigenous peoples had not received such support for a long time. The attacks they suffer even call into question all the rights they had acquired and that were guaranteed in the Constitution.

Lula has promised to revoke all of Jair Bolsonaro’s decrees against him. And one of the coordinators of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil, Alberto Terena, made him sign these commitments. He acknowledges that the dialogue with Lula is very different from the one that does not exist with the current president. “Lula is in a party that turns to the minority. Nous gardons donc cet espoir et, dans nos discours, nous lui faisons clairement understand that we recognize that we work for accompli, more than we already encore beaucoup for makeAlberto Teresa says. Although he did not do what he could do, he did not attack us viciously like Bolsonaro.” It remains to choose Lula. It is certain that she has now won the vote of the indigenous people and of those who care about ecology in Brazil.

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