Book fair, new formula this weekend at the Maison des Associations de Vichy (Allier)

Organized for 11 years at the Grand Marché, the 2022 Book Fair has a new formula. The 12th edition, this Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April, is co-organized by the Vichy se livre association (chaired by Frédéric Fossaert) and the City. It will take place at the Maison des Associations, in the presence of 80 regional and national authors, booksellers and publishers. All literary genres will be represented: novels, comics, children’s literature, etc.
Hélène Mathieu is the guest of honor for her latest book The Man Who Got It Right Life and Fate of David Servand Schreiber. Meeting with this journalist, writer, former editor-in-chief of Mary Clare and director of Psychology Journal.

The writing workshop pays off

His latest book is dedicated to David Servand Schreiber. Why? He is quite an exceptional character that I met for Psychology Journal where he was a columnist. Psychiatrist in the United States, she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30. He fought for twenty years. He tried to help conventional medicine and published two books on cancer. She changed her way of life and showed how much diet and sport influence our health. Her work is very important. Ten years after his death, it seemed important to pay tribute to him. Today, many oncologists recognize that her contribution is essential. This book is a biography.

As a journalist, you tend to write books about social issues. It is a logical continuation of my work. The desire to explore more social issues. It is a different letter to that of a journalist. For example, I did a counter-investigation with Daniel Grandclément on Jacqueline Sauvage, who was pardoned by François Hollande. Inside The truth about the Jacqueline Sauvage case (Éd Stock), we tried to shed light on this story that had mobilized many people around petitions and many did not have all the elements.

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Another one of your books. Who killed Audrey? (Éd Fayard) part of a news story.
Yes. We believe that it is a trivial fact. This book is to bring to life the story of an ordinary 30 year old woman killed by her partner with 12 stab wounds. I met her family, I attended the trial. When we read news like this, we always have the impression that she is far from us. This story reveals that this may be your next door neighbor. She filed three complaints, but she was killed by her jealous ex-boyfriend.

Do you have the impression that the measures taken are changing, that battered and harassed women are better listened to and protected?
The way is long. I think we need a lot of prevention, to fight against this violence. That it would also be necessary to develop the education of boys in their relationships with girls.

There was also women’s prison (É. Hachette) published in 1987.
It is my first book. I was a journalist specializing in social issues in Maria Clara. I investigated women’s prisons, this type of detention and in particular these women who live with their children who are taken away after 18 months. As a journalist, you can enter prisons to carry out this type of investigation even if it is difficult and opaque. These closed places are also part of society. I met and discussed with inmates in different French prisons. In these closed places, they face promiscuity, overcrowding, physical and moral violence. In this book I have also addressed infantilization and the problems of reintegration that this implies.

The Vichy book fair program

saturday april 16
11:00 poetic reading of 19th century texts by Adrienne Dauprat. At 3 pm Hélène Mathieu, journalist and writer about her latest book The Man Who Was Right (Ed. Philippe Rey). At 16:00 round table How do you become a writer? with Frédéric Fossaert and two other writers.
At 5 pm poetry reading of the nineteenth century by Adrienne Dauprat.
sunday april 17
At 11 am poetry reading of the twentieth century by Adrienne Dauprat. At 15:00 he creates a graphic cover with Joachim Degboe, illustrator. At 4 pm how do you make a book? At 5 pm poetic reading Texts of the 20th century by Adrienne Dauprat.
Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April at the Maison des Associations de Vichy. Free entry.

Fabienne Faurie


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