why the Stellantis-Amazon alliance promises a technological revolution

Upgrading your car like a smartphone and adding options will soon be a reality. The partnership between manufacturer Stellantis and US giant Amazon is becoming clearer, with increasingly connected cars, on-demand services and remote updates. A great novelty for our cars, which lose value as soon as they leave the dealership and become, de facto, second-hand vehicles. From now on, we can improve our car.

These enhancements are available now, especially for Teslas, with regular updates. Historical manufacturers are getting into this, this is the meaning of the partnership between Stellantis and Amazon. Yves Bonnefont is the software director. To the microphone of Europe 1, he gives an example of what already exists. “In the United States, (there is) the ability to alert you when an emergency vehicle is coming from behind with a pop-up on the center screen that tells you ‘park, there’s an emergency vehicle that would like to pass.'” he said.

Monthly updates over time

“What we want is to be able to update our cars every quarter, and even every month, to roll out new functions for our customers”, specifies Yves Bonnefont, who underlines that last year there were already 12 million updates of the 12 million connected vehicles.

These updates refer to entertainment services, cybersecurity or improve driving comfort according to the needs of the driver. “We can say to ourselves ‘well, I have 2,000 km to do with my car, I would like to have more driving assistance’, then we can subscribe for a limited period, and then the subscription to the service will be switched off and we can take it back if we want” explains Yves Bonnefont.

The first connected cars manufactured in 2024

“We are trying to simplify the use of the car, while having more and more functions, thanks to artificial intelligence that will adapt to your habits: usual route in the morning, favorite radio…”, continues the software director. “And even on the passenger entertainment side, you go up in the back and find the video you started watching at home. It’s all connected.”

The first cars resulting from this partnership will be manufactured from 2024, with 100% connected cabins at Peugeot, Citroën, Fiat or Jeep. Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares wants to transform the group into a “technological mobility company” capable of generating 20 billion in revenue by 2030 thanks to new services and software.

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