PS5: it is available again, but for how long?

news good deal PS5: it is available again, but for how long?


It must be said that the launch of Sony’s latest masterpiece caused a lot of ink to be spilled, and even today it is not easy to get hold of it. Despite the hype surrounding the console, the machine sometimes makes a small appearance at a normal price. And that is exactly what just happened, and you will have to act very fast if you finally want to achieve it.

The PS5 is available from stock!

Often compared to its rival Xbox Series X, the PS5 has an annoying tendency to respond to absent subscribers when you want to get it at a fair price.

It must still be said that the current context of component shortages does not play in favor of console manufacturers who cannot supply themselves normally.

So when it’s back in stock, I might as well tell you it’s going to go real quick! Therefore, our only recommendation will be not to wait too long before placing an order.

Update 04/13/2022 at 10:35 am : The PS5 is available at Géant.

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Updated on 04/13/2022 at 10:05 am : PS5 breakup.

Update 04/13/2022 at 09:35 : PS5 is back in stock on Crossing.

Updated on 04/13/2022 at 08:55 : PS5 breakup.

Updated on 04/13/2022 at 08:35 : the PS5 is available in

PS5 Highlights

Already a PS4 owner and still hesitating to switch to PS5? This is completely normal since the PS4 is still an excellent console on all levels with a well-stocked catalog and powerful features.

However, you should keep in mind that the PS5 provides a much more immersive gaming experience than the PS4, and that’s really what will set the console apart from its big brother.

And if you’re deeply attached to your PS4 games, don’t panic! Sony has anticipated this extremely well by providing the PS5 with a backwards compatibility system. What does that mean ? It simply means that you can still enjoy all your PS4 games with your PS5. And one last little detail that’s downright nice: some PS4 games may even benefit from an update!

In general, with the PS5, there is no disappointment with the power of the beast. We are in 4K, it runs at 120fps and Ray-Tracing is there.

What does Ray-Tracing specifically imply? In a simple way, this technology will improve the visual aspect of your games by simulating the brightness of the scene to add reflections or shadows. Then you will have games of a realism difficult to match.

Specifically, the PS5 is clearly ahead of its time and well worth the investment. And when you finally have the chance to find it at the best price, you can’t afford to wait long.

Who says resupply of the PS5, also says very limited stock. Since the demand is still great, getting there can be an obstacle course, and sometimes you need to use a perfectly fine-tuned strategy to achieve your goals.

The best strategy to adopt, in our opinion, is to simply sign up for the waiting lists of the merchants below. By doing so, you will have every chance of arriving at the right time, before everyone else. Then you will have to hurry to put the coveted PS5 in your basket, because the advance is ephemeral.

  • Check PS5 stock on Amazon
  • Check PS5 stock at Fnac
  • Check PS5 stock on Cdiscount
  • Check PS5 stock at Micromania
  • Check PS5 stock in Culture
  • Check PS5 stock at Boulanger

Also, don’t forget to finalize your account by saving your payment method and shipping address to ensure you have it in your hands on D-Day.

As you may have understood, your chances of success depend on all the steps you have taken in advance. Every minute counts. The longer it takes to validate the basket and pay, the more your chances of getting your hands on the PS5 decrease.

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