Maddy Burciaga pregnant and exhausted: gives news of her health after her ultrasound

Maddy Burciaga is pregnant with her first child and suffers from violent migraines. After seeing her gynecologist this Wednesday, April 13, the expectant mother gave news of her health in a story on Instagram.

Many of them suspected it. In a few months, Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samat will welcome their first child. A baby that arrives shortly after the couple’s wedding. Obviously it is through social networks that the couple announced the happy news. And netizens were very skeptical about the way the pretty blonde revealed her pregnancy to her lover. Indeed, while the southerner opened the box containing famous pregnancy test, a large balloon with the inscription “Baby is coming” floated next to him. A staging that was not to the taste of Internet users.

No matter, lovers rejoice at the thought of expanding their little family. And as tradition dictates, Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samat, who came directly from the United States, could not resist the desire to make a gender reveal party to find out the sex of the baby. An act celebrated as a family and immortalized on video, which the star couple of Marseilles revealed on Instagram. “We are pleased to announce that we are expecting… a little boy. So happy, I just have to agree with the first name.“, the couple announced, to the angels.

What causes Maddy Burciaga’s migraines?

But behind the glitter of social media lies reality. And Maddy Burciaga is no exception. Since she got pregnant, young woman suffering from severe migraines. Evils that she is not used to and that worry her a lot. Thus, this Wednesday, April 13, Benjamín Samat’s wife was very anxious to go to her gynecologist to do another ultrasound. After a long suspense of several minutes, Maddy Burciaga spoke again in a story on Instagram and reassured everyone.

Everything is going wellad. I told him about my symptoms, my migraines, etc. It is true that now, since I have a good night, things are going a little better. She told me that surely it must be fatigue and overwork. because we didn’t stop when we were in France. There I will have to slow down and normally I should be fine.The story to avoid the slightest risk, Benjamin’s darling also had to have a blood test to check that she does not suffer from any deficiency. Results that the expectant mother will surely rush to share with her subscribers.

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