Inflation hits home entertainment as streaming service subscription prices soar

Over the past year, four major streaming services have increased Canadian subscription prices or adjusted package levels to encourage upgrading.

These price spikes affect millions of households as Canadians crave on-demand entertainment.

Nearly 62% of Canadian adults subscribe to at least one streaming service, well above the global average of 55.71%. Netflix is ​​the most popular option with 52.10% of Canadians having an account, followed by Amazon Prime (25%). Both companies, and many others, have recently experienced price increases.

How much has the price of Amazon Prime increased?

Old price: $79/year

New price: $99/year

Raise: $20

Due to supply chain issues and the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon’s net income increased to $469.8 billion in 2021, an increase of 22% from the previous year.

In a letter to Canadian Amazon Prime subscribers in early April, the company announced its first rate increase for the Prime service since it launched in Canada in 2013.

On the menu, “fast and unlimited” shipping options that require no minimum spend, a one-day delivery option (rolled out earlier this year on thousands of products), and original Amazon Prime programming (such as Reacher and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel). ) have been cited as the main reason for the price increase.

Amazon doesn’t release a date for subscriber numbers, so the number of households this will affect is unknown.

What is the price of Netflix?

Old Price: $14.99/month

New price: $16.49/month

Raise: $1.50

Netflix’s price increase in Canada occurred in January 2022. An estimated 6.78 million Canadians have subscribed to Netflix, but the company has struggled with slow growth rates (which some customers worry about high ongoing subscription costs).

For now, Canadians have gotten away with a controversial new plan to charge users who share their Netflix password on the go.

What is the price of Crave TV?

Old Price: $9.99 per month (Crave Basic)

New price: $19.99 per month (Crave Total)

Increase: $10 if users choose to subscribe to the new level

In October 2021, Crave changed their tiers and increased prices for many customers. The basic plan ($9.99 per month) has been migrated to mobile on a single device (making it incompatible with Family Sharing or viewing on the Roku or Apple TV platforms). Crave Plus has been rebranded as Crave Total (that’s where you’ll find HBO, HBO Max, Showtime, and the movies) for $19.99 per month.

Crave Basic subscribers got a free trial of Crave Total, which expired on March 31.

How much has the price of Disney+ increased?

Old price: $89.99/year

New price: $119.99/year

Price difference: $20

In an email sent in late December 2021, Disney+ subscribers were notified of the price change, but there was little explanation for the increase.

Broadcasters that have not (yet) announced price changes in Canada

+ AppleTV ($5.99)

Since its debut in winter 2019, Apple TV+ has held its prices steady (with plenty of free trials for those who buy Apple products and services).

Paramount+/CBS All Access ($5.99/month)

There is a lot of confusion about these two clamps. Due to a recent merger, only one is needed as the content overlaps between them. It is also important to note that due to licensing agreements, the Paramount+ library in Canada is not as robust as the platform in the United States.

YouTube Premium ($11.99 or $17.99 for family plan)

One of the main benefits of a YouTube premium subscription is that it removes ads from the user experience. There’s also exclusive content, the ability to play videos in the background while using other apps, and offline download options.

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