Dynamism, good living, culture: this new association wants to restore the image of Toulouse

Rue de Bayard is one of the entrances to the Pink City, near the Matabiau station. (©Quentin Marais / Toulouse News)

Toulouse, city where life is good? This question should definitely become a statement for the new association, “La vie toulousaine”. Its creation is imminent, in this month of April 2022. A very thoughtful project, and whose recent news in the Pink City has accelerated the baptism.

An unfavorable poll…

Diane Obam was not born in Toulouse. but she lives there For more than 20 years : It was in 2001 when the 30-year-old set foot in the Pink City. University, high school, higher education, work: he was able to discover all the rich history of the fourth city of France. And he was particularly marked by a survey …

“I was talking to friends about the fact that we really like Toulouse, which is a city that we can never leave. We did some research on the cities where it is good to live to compare. We came across an article listing the 20 cities where life is good in France. And Toulouse was not one of them. We told each other that it was shocking, that surely they had not questioned the people of Toulouse…”

Diana ObamaPresident of the association “La Vie Toulousaine”

Misunderstanding reigns. And the investigations continue, in particular “on the criteria that are taken into account in these surveys. There was quality of life for 77% of the people who responded. We don’t really understand why Toulouse was not one of them…”

… and the click of the terraces

Taking a step back from the activity seen in Toulouse, Diane Obam points out that there are “many things that make the city is less dynamic today. We told ourselves that we had to create an association.”

Months go by and the end of March 2022 arrives. The city council of Toulouse then indicates end the system of “Covid terraces”.

“When we saw that the terraces were going to be a little more limited, we thought it was time to do something. The idea for the association came from this survey of cities where you live well, but that was what clicked: today it’s the terraces, tomorrow it will be something else…”

Diana Obama

“I have friends who live in the center of the city and the problem is not the terraces but a minority of people who shout in the streets, Sorry Diane Obama. When we limit the terraces, it is a problem for restaurateurs, who have already had to fight against covid. And he also thinks of the people of Toulouse, who “go you have to walk much more time to find an available terrace…”

“Show that the inhabitants feel good”

Diane Obam then formed a team, a quartet: she surrounded herself with three other people, ” who are from tolosa and who adore the City”. The partnership will officially launch in mid-April.

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But the objectives are already set: “to show life in Toulouse, to promote everything that makes residents feel good“, explains the president.

“We have to show that Toulousans are happy, find ambassadors, inhabitants who show their life, their day to day. We will share it with the Toulouse community. And why not celebrate an annual event that brings together the inhabitants of Toulouse who are happy to live in Toulouse. We are not going to target a specific neighborhood, but we are going to focus on the issues. »

Diana Obama

And to the 34-year-old woman, remember that “Toulouse is not just the center of the city. when a tourist comes, you will not stay only in the hypercenter. Where can you go to feel good? We need to promote beautiful streets…”

And make them want to stay!

Fourth city of France, Toulouse approaching the 500,000 population mark. “The goal is to go further and make these 500,000 people feel good,” insists the president.

“Life in Toulouse is a festive, dynamic and warm life. It’s not just the party side. The inhabitants of Toulouse not only live at night, they also live during the day. There are things to do during the day, at night, in the city center, outside the city center… What makes Toulouse people happy to live in Toulouse? What makes people, when they come to Toulouse, stay there? »

Diana Obama

The association is already present in the networks, it is possible to join for free. His Instagram account is as follows: @lavietoulousaine.

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