Briey Valley. Her future ex-husband pushes her, she breaks his coccyx: three months suspended

This time, it was definitely over between François and Barbara (names changed). They were married in 1995, divorced in 2011 before… remarrying in 2013. The new divorce is in progress and this time, the former lovebirds won’t be back, as Madame has rebuilt her life.

What sounded the death knell of this tempestuous relationship? François would have grabbed Barbara by her neck with both hands. That’s what she says anyway. The scene would have occurred on an afternoon in July 2020, in the presence of the children. The medical certificate establishes three days of ITT.

She takes the opportunity to denounce older events.

The argument broke out over a phone story: Barbara asked François to return her cell phone. She then realized that it was not hers, but “another” smartphone that she had at her disposal. “What is it? He asked her. “None of your business! “, she replied. That’s when he allegedly assaulted her…

When she filed a complaint with the gendarmerie, the Dutch resident denounced older events: in 2017 her beloved and tender would have pushed her, she would have fallen and her coccyx would have been fractured. At that time, Barbara was entitled to a 15-day work stoppage. Suddenly, here is François also on trial for this assault.

“He sees evil everywhere”

Up front, the 50-year-old man rejects the accusations. No, he did not pursue her in 2020; No, he did not throw her to the ground in 2017. That day he had an altercation with his son, his future ex-wife got involved. “I pushed her aside, she tripped over the base of the parasol and fell. “It’s still violence,” says the judge. “It is violence but she was not voluntary. »

This is not what Barbara says: “Violence has always been with him, it was time for him to leave! According to her, François would be extremely jealous. “He sees evil everywhere: he thinks I have many lovers and he says that only I didn’t get hit by the bus. » mY Eric Mallet, for the victim, takes over, emphasizing that “both marriages did not go well.”

“For 2020, we certainly have a medical certificate, but the doctor does not find any trace of strangulation. He just says that Madame says that she was strangled, M repliesY Tiffanie Paciocco defending. As for the children, they were certainly in the house but did not see anything. On the other hand, they claim that he drinks regularly. It is this same appetite for drink that would have caused Barbara to stumble during the other scene of violence. François is still doomed for this episode. But he is released due to more recent events, due to lack of sufficient elements. He receives a suspended sentence of three months and will owe €1,400 to the woman from whom he is definitely separated.

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