5 (very) good reasons to visit the Center del Carme Cultura Contemporània

A completely modernized former convent, the Center del Carme Cultura Contemporània (CCCC) is a unique model, open to everyone and offering activities as numerous as they are varied. And if you weren’t convinced yet, lepetitjournal.com/valence has listed five reasons to urgently go there.

1. It is so beautiful!

Even if you are not a fan of art and culture, you will inevitably fall under the spell of the extraordinary architecture of the Center del Carme. A subtle mix of Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical styles, infused with a Renaissance touch, the building is a wonder one never tires of looking at. It has housed the greatest Valencian artists over the centuries, and it is rumored that their spirits watch over the place. As José Luis Pérez Pont, director of the CCCC, says, “Centre del Carme is truly a compendium of the history of Valencia.” If you don’t believe us, all you have to do is go there and see for yourself!

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2. It’s free and everyone is welcome

Are you one of those who get bored in museums? Art with a capital A intimidates you and culture leaves you impassive like a statue of Phidias or Praxiteles. Don’t worry, at the CCCC you will discover a welcoming and strangely familiar universe. Here, without snobbery or capital letters: only the best of contemporary artists available to everyone! The current creations dialogue with each other in the most natural way in the world. They come to you, invite you to discuss and share. There are mediation tools to support you and facilitate the meeting. You are no longer a “spectator”, you are part of the work, you live and vibrate with it. Plus, it’s totally free! So what are you waiting for to try the experience?

3. You can do a lot of cool things there

The CCCC is a cultural space that offers a wide range of activities that will delight young, medium and large. For fans of the performing arts, various shows are organized there. If you like to walk through exhibitions of all kinds, this is also the ideal place. Are you looking for interesting activities for your children? An education component is entirely dedicated to them. The CCCC even offers highly informative lectures on topics related to the major issues of our time. You can find the full program right here if you still have questions.

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4. The CCCC is totally disruptive and avant-garde!

One thing is certain, the Center del Carme breaks all the codes of traditional culture. Art is free like the air. Visit cloisters, rooms and exhibitions. But ill-advised would be the one who wanted to lock him up there. Because he is a rebellious and capricious host. And that’s why at CCCC, the doors are always wide open. Each year they receive more visitors, and the Center has not usurped its title of cultural institution of the Valencian Community most appreciated at a national level. Yes, the CCCC is the living heart of culture and contemporary arts in Valencia, but also in all of Spain!

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5. At the CCCC we love the francophone community and the French

It’s no secret: the CCCC is very Francophile. And the French give it back. Did you know that they occupy the first place (21.69%) of foreign visitors since 2020? This is undoubtedly due to the Center’s welcoming and open policy, which offers part of its activities in French. In collaboration with La Base Culture – Maison des francophonies of Valencia and the French Institute of Valence, the CCCC screens numerous French films with Spanish subtitles every month. On March 20, it even celebrated the International Francophonie Day with La Base Cultura. Dancers, musicians, Urban Knitting, workshops for children, films, round tables broadcast live from Montpellier… The opportunity to bring together Francophones and Valencians in a festive and family atmosphere. After that, who will say that the CCCC does not work to bring peoples and cultures closer together?

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