5 Online Games That Rival Wordle

Posted on April 13, 2022 at 15:20

Who said puns were out of date? Surely not the New York Times, buying for “a 7-figure sum” the play on words, Wordle, and a new viral phenomenon as part of the diversification of its editorial line. The concept is simple: find a five-letter word in a maximum of six strokes per day, and then share your result online.

Caught up in the wave of success of the original Wordle, it wasn’t long before many clones of the app appeared online. As soon created as disappeared for many, some manage to stand the test of time and become true rituals and challenges for French players. A retrospective look at five of them, between tributes to Motus and nuggets of originality.


The most popular French equivalent of Wordle, Sutom is a huge hit with word game enthusiasts. The game was created by Jonathan Luquet, a simple fan, in homage to the “Motus” program, broadcast from 1990 to 2019 on France 2 and hosted by the historic presenter, Thierry Beccaro. Sutom borrows the graphic letter and the length of the words, between 6 and 9 characters where Wordle only offers five-letter words.

However, this inspiration has not always been viewed favorably by France Televisions, which recently asked the creator to change the name of his game. The decision would have pushed the young man, already very satisfied with the enthusiasm surrounding the phenomenon, to suppress that. However, rest assured that the two sides have reached an agreement and the Sutom phenomenon should survive to the delight of lovers of the French language.



If some claim that Wordle or Sutom are too easy, Cémantix may well change their minds. Here, the number of letters that make up the word and the correct letters are not indicated. On the contrary, the challenge is complicated and only a series of “hot” or “cold” emojis allow you to guess if you are approaching victory or failure. Worse still, the proximity of a word is not orthographic but contextual or semantic. A real headache for the most amateurs.



Tusmo will meet the expectations of competitors with a multiplayer mode that will challenge opponents to discover words. Here it is no longer just about finding the word of the day, like the other games presented, but about demonstrating an impeccable vocabulary to strangers. Tusmo also offers a solo mode and a “continuation of the day” mode where the goal is to discover words in a row, always longer. An effective way to combat the traditional Sutom and Wordle grind.



A Marseilles version of the famous word game, Motchus tests players’ dialect skills with a riddle lexicon made up solely of Marseilles expressions and vocabulary. Created by the linguist Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus, professor in the department of language sciences at the University of Aix-Marseille, and Denis Beaubiat, professor of mathematics at the Lycée Diderot in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille, the application contributes to the democratization of the way of life in Marseille. A phenomenal success for a simple social media game that has won over a large audience, including Michèle Rubirola, former mayor of Marseille and first deputy. Something to bring back a bit of the Provençal sun to the life of our city.


to listen

Does your love of words turn out to be less powerful than your musical ear? Heardle could stand out from the swarm of Wordle clones that have sprung up in his wake. It is not words that Heardle proposes to find but a song title per day from an intro of a few seconds. Each test reveals a few seconds in addition to the desired title. In order not to exclude the youngest or most advanced participants, each song is taken from the most popular of the moment. Something to give everyone a try and delight blind test enthusiasts.


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