The Limoges Health Biology and Research Center is officially named after François Denis

Since its opening eight years ago, the Limoges Biology and Health Research Center (CBRS) had not yet been officially inaugurated. On Friday, April 8, a ceremony made it possible to fill this gap, paying tribute to the person who led the project for a decade, Professor François Denis.

Died on April 3, 2019, this renowned specialist in virology and bacteriology had imagined a site that would bring together university research and hospital laboratories at CHU.

An ambitious idea that materialized in a 14,000 square meter facility that brings together some 300 researchers, built in 2012 and 2013 with 41 million euros of work, and which today is the showcase of research excellence in Limoges, with no less than five teams certified by Inserm.

A promise kept

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A mois avant the disparition of François Denis, I brought to the maladie at 77 years old, “la promesse lui avait été faite entre ses murs”, I rappelled him from the faculty of medicine, Pierre-Yves Robert, who CBRS will be baptized to him your name.

A promise, therefore, fulfilled three years later, in the particular presence of Yves Buisson, associate professor from Val-de-Grâce, member of the Academy of Medicine and friend of François Denis, whom he met in Senegal more than forty years ago years. The opportunity for him to retrace the journey of a “man out of the ordinary”.

The plaque was revealed in the middle of the day by Yves Buisson (right).

Arrived at the University Hospital of Limoges in 1981, to found there the department of bacteriology-virology-hygiene, François Denis had spent the previous decade between Poitiers, Tours, Paris and Dakar…

At the university hospital center, he had initially been denied when he asked for means to develop virology. A “discipline without a future” they had told her, she liked to remember: it was just before the AIDS years. His department was one of the first to diagnose the disease in 1984.

The beginning of the long career of a personality whose notoriety shone far beyond Limoges: whether in France or in Africa…

Professor François Denis, an eminent figure in the medical world of Limoges, dies (April 2019)

Helen Pommier


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