Six activities to relax between visits

Strolling through the ancient Nabataean capital requires a lot of energy. There is nothing like letting your body and mind rest after miles covered in the dust of tombs and temples. Our six suggestions.

counting stars from bed

Petra Bubble Luxotel has installed its luxury tents among the mountains near Little Petra, the miniature version of the Nabataean city. Each suite includes two privacy-preserved plastic domes, from which you can watch the stars light up the inky sky. As well as being well decorated and comfortable, the rooms are guaranteed to put on a grand show. Here there is no light or noise pollution, you are surrounded by mountains in pink and ocher tones. For warm spring or summer evenings, you can enjoy the same magic, immersed in its hydromassage bathtub installed on the terrace.

Petra Bubble Luxotel, Little Petra, Al-Beidah. Such. : +962 3 215 6600. From €245 for 2 people with full board.

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Have a drink in the oldest bar in the world

The Cave Bar was installed in a Nabataean tomb. Petra Pension Hotel

What could be more delicious than sharing a glass of wine or a cocktail in a setting that is truly unique in the world? Behind the weathered facade of a 1st century Nabataean tomb hides ‘The Cave Bar’, a cave carved out of limestone. The locules, or burial chambers carved into the walls, have been converted into small halls equipped with benches and upholstered stools. The claustrophobic will settle under the colonnaded porticoes that frame the entrance to the tomb. This allows you to enjoy both the night breeze and the ancient and unique atmosphere of the place.

The Cave Bar. Hotel Pension Petra. Such. : +962 79 889 6806. Count €13 for a cocktail.

Admire the Treasury by candlelight

The Treasury of Petra by candlelight. TOMÁS GOISQUE / Le Figaro Magazine

As the Petra site returns to tranquility, three times a week the Treasury is illuminated by hundreds of candle lights. The crossing of the Siq gorge is done on foot at nightfall. The emblematic facade of the Nabataean capital is revealed between the contours of the canyon walls, the pink of its sandstone and the softness of its features reinforced by the halo of sails. Visitors take their places at the foot of the illuminated parterre, are offered a traditional tea and listen to a Bedouin accompanied by his lute in an atmosphere that oscillates between contemplation and amazement.

petra at night Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Tickets on sale from 7:00 p.m. at the Visitor Center. €22, plus a valid ticket for the Petra tour.

Immerse yourself in the Bedouin way of life

It is possible to sleep in a converted cave, as the Bedouins used to do. Airbnb / Photo Press

The Bedouins occupied the caves of Petra for millennia, before the government expelled them to guarantee the tourist development of the place. Now sedentary, some nomads offer to share their ancestral way of life in caves installed on the outskirts of the ancient city. The absolute silence, the evening by the fireplace, the nights encrusted with billions of brilliant diamonds and that feeling of eternity before the spectacle of the mountains gently sharpen the senses. If the experience is singularly lacking in comfort (no shower or toilet), it promises to be beautiful and surprisingly allows you to recharge your batteries. Kids love it.

Indiana Jones Cave, Petra. Such. : +962 77 633 1628. Count €122 for two with half board.

Learn to cook mansaf, the national dish of Jordan

Mansaf is a lamb dish cooked in yogurt and served with rice or bulgur. Adobe Stock / dinasaeed

Designed to accommodate the budding chefs of Jordanian cuisine, the ground floor of the Petra Boutique Hotel is completely occupied by a kitchen with brand new equipment. Petra Kitchen gives you the secrets to Jordan’s must-have recipes. When you arrive, the chef puts on an apron and slips a knife into your hand. There is no time to waste preparing the 3 months and the 2 dishes. Ingredients wait on the wooden counter and soon the dull sound of knives echoes off the cutting boards. The participants put their hands in the dough with good humor. And everyone sits around the big table to taste the result… Succulent as it should be.

Petra Kitchen, Tourism Street, Wadi Musa. Such. : +962 3 215 5900. Prior reservation. Every afternoon at 6:00 or 6:30 p.m. Count €45 for the lesson and the tasting.

Savor the virtues of the Turkish bath

The vaulted hall of the caldarium of the baths of Al-Yakhor. Trip Advisor / Photo Press

If the visit to Petra has exhausted you, nothing like the traditional Turkish bath to relax in depth. The tradition dates back to the Romans who had sumptuous baths built wherever they settled. Behind its nondescript facade, Al-Yakhor hides a hammam all in vaults and stone arches. Treatment begins in the warm room to allow the body to acclimatize to the heat. Then you go to the hot room for about fifteen minutes. The steam bath eliminates toxins in depth. Once rinsed, the masseur – or the masseuse, depending – lathers you vigorously with a horsehair glove. You go out with baby skin and renewed energy.

Al Yakhor Turkish Bath. Tourism Street, Wadi Musa. Such. : +962 77 791 9683. Open every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Count €32 for a session.


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