PADOK obtains Health Data Host (HDS) certification

Padok continues its acceleration to position itself as a Cloud player in France. The start-up, specialist in infrastructure, Cloud and cybersecurity issues, aspires to a turnover of 9 million euros 4 years after its creation. Announces today that it has obtained, from the BSI Group, the HDS level 3,4,5,6 (health data host) and ISO27001 certifications. This certification obtained in just 6 months (compared to an average of two years) internally mobilized more than 10 people. Only 206 companies in the world have this certification, Padok, a French startup, is therefore 207.

The startup Padok can now lead the Cloud strategy of companies in the health field (Mutuals, hospitals, pharmaceutical groups), from the construction of Cloud platforms to their 24/7 administration. The momentum is already underway as Padok is in advanced talks with research institutes and major pharmaceutical groups. Padok brings its expertise and technical excellence to its clients’ technology teams, supporting them in the context of their digital transformation, infrastructure project and cloud migration, all with a strong emphasis on security, of course.

Agile, technical and innovative, Padok wants to meet the technological and IT needs of health players.

Based on this certification, Padok intends to engage with healthcare leaders to enable them to innovate and deliver healthcare products/services faster while controlling regulations and quality. By their side, Padok becomes a premium and trusted partner to help them become the MedTech and HealthTech leaders of tomorrow.

Frost & Sullivan has estimated the value of the global digital health market at USD 234.5 billion by 2023 (source Bpi France). Also according to this firm’s report, the data produced each year by the global medical sector should see its volume multiplied by 10 in 5 years. For example, in 2020 it was measured in tens of zettabits.

Like ALAN, the famous French mutual and unicorn, Padok aims to bring to this market the transparency, agility and education that it still lacks. As for the choice of a mutual, we know that we must subscribe to it but we never really know what it covers. Padok wants to break the opacity of the HDS world, to allow companies that need an HDS subcontractor to simplify their use and limit costs.

Trust and security: health and your data, a booming market, new needs to accommodate

Technology is constantly evolving and the health sector is one of the first to be affected. The advent of technologies (AI, big data, cloud computing, deep and machine learning), the arrival of new participants in the field of health, without neglecting the associated risks (for example, cyber attacks) have shuffled the cards In this sector.

The health crisis that we have just gone through, the EHDS (European Health Data Area) project that France is carrying out on the occasion of the presidency of the European Union, or even the arrival, compared to the traditional players, of new entrants (GAFAM, e-health start-ups, collectors, carriers, hosts of health data) demonstrate the interest that public and private entities have in health and related data. This entire ecosystem also participates in the creation of value around this type of data.

This data also whet the appetite of other more malicious actors, such as cybercriminals. The news is there to remind us, Health Insurance and its Améli site have recently paid the price after being hacked and the administrative data of more than 500,000 French people stolen. Another example, as the Digital Health Agency revealed at the end of last year during its symposium in November 2021, had already counted more than 349 security incidents, including 47 successful ransomware cyberattacks. Even giving the cost associated with this act of cyber malice that cost 335,000 euros to the Arles hospital center attacked during the summer of 2021.

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