number of offers, sectors in tension… what are the needs in 2022 in the Vosges?

A fairly recent tool that Pôle emploi has acquired, the annual job needs survey (BMO) version 2022 has just seen its results revealed. As for the Vosges, the territorial director of the Vosges, Jean-Luc Kientz, analyzed the figures. Stating from the outset that this investigation was closed before the start of the conflict in Ukraine, which could at least change the situation, he welcomed the notable dynamism in the job offers presented to Pôle emploi in the Vosges.

“We registered 13,221 recruitment projects in 2022, compared to 3,349 in 2021, an increase of 35% for the month of March. And we should achieve a 39% increase in the first quarter. The pattern remains positive for the time being, knowing that hiring intention measures refer to both creations and replacements. A hiring intention can be a job change. If one person rises in rank, another is hired to replace them. »

Construction and transportation sectors struggle to hire

It should be noted that 42% of the announced projects are from companies with less than ten employees. The “subsectors” with the highest number of contracting projects are: accommodation and catering (1,559 positions), human health and social action (1,495 positions), construction (1,421 positions), retail trade (1,113 positions) or scientific, technical, administrative services and support (1,089 jobs).

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The Épinal employment exchange is the largest, with more than 5,000 vacancies (38% of the needs); but those of Remiremont and Neufchâteau show a strong evolution.

While the service sector in a broad sense represents 53.4% ​​of the offers made, construction or transport logistics and tourism are those where the feeling of great difficulty in contracting is strongest since 2013. A feeling that emanates from a certain reality in the labor market.

For this reason, Pôle emploi relies on its ability to respond to avoid holes in the racket, in particular with its #Tousmobilisés mission which, last year, led to some 430 actions aimed at detecting these famous five-legged sheep whose CV does not necessarily I checked all the boxes.

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