Keeping the phone in your pocket, is it dangerous for your health? 5 places where you should never keep it!

It is true that we all have smartphones that rarely leave our hands. Every morning, before leaving home, you put your keys in one pocket and your mobile in the other. It is an automatic gesture that we do without thinking about it. Sometimes we even panic thinking that we have lost it. However, keeping your phone in your pocket is not without its health risks, especially for men who are used to slipping it into their back pocket. So how harmful can it be? We hear more and more that we should avoid placing it near the body. Well, it’s the truth! And there are several studies that confirm it.

Why not keep your phone in your pocket?

When it’s too much, it’s too much! With the new technologies a new form of detoxification has appeared: digital detoxification. And the latter starts with developing new habits, one of which is to stop carrying your phone in the front or back pocket of your pants. According to experts, this innocuous gesture presents certain health risks. What are they? Where is the best place to use it safely on a daily basis? Why do you have to put the screen side of your smartphone against a surface? And where to put it when we run? takes stock!

What happens to the body when you put your phone in your pocket

Why not keep your phone in your pants pocket?

Many organizations around the world have been studying the health dangers of smartphones for quite some time. The WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer has stated that the electromagnetic waves produced by smartphones have a carcinogenic effect on humans. That’s why it’s better to put your device in a bag than in your jeans pocket. Being close to the reproductive system can increase the risk of fertility disorders. Similarly, sitting with a cell phone in your back pocket can cause lower back pain.

avoid keeping your phone in your back pocket

In men, keeping the phone in the front pocket, close to the testicles, can greatly impair sperm quality and motility. But don’t panic! This does not mean that all the boys who put their cell phones in their pockets are sterile. However, one thing is for sure: electromagnetic waves are very real and can affect your fertility! In fact, many studies show that cell phones drastically increase the chances of contact with skin or testicular cancer. Not to mention the harmful effects of the devices on the central nervous system.

how to organize your phone by color

As for women, they are not spared either. There are also dangers during pregnancy. In other words, the more you use your cell phone when you’re pregnant, the more radiation you get. Keeping the device close to your body, and especially close to the fetus, may put your baby’s health at risk. And while experts haven’t come to a firm conclusion yet, the findings so far on the link between cancer risk and smartphones are quite concerning.

Where should you put your cell phone? 5 places to avoid other than your pocket!

Tips to avoid keeping your phone in your pocket

Always at hand, the smartphone is an extension of our hand and our brain. Today, more than 80% of the world’s population owns one, experts say. And if we spend a good part of our day to day connected to our smartphone, we also have the bad habit of keeping it in inappropriate places, such as our pocket. Here are 5 more to absolutely avoid!

In the room

mobile phone storage compartment in the pocket

As soon as you get home after a long and busy day at work, one of your first instincts is to take your phone out of your pocket and place it on the dining table, sofa or even bed. And although placing it in important places in the house is not a good idea due to the germs and bacteria that live there, keeping it under the pillow presents a risk of overheating and fire. The right move? Place it screen-side down on a surface that isn’t covered by fabric (nightstand, coffee table, dresser, etc.) so the battery can breathe. And in this context, to avoid the harmful effect of electromagnetic waves from your laptop at night, activate airplane mode, or better yet, leave it out of the room.

in the bathrooms

where to put your phone in a box

It is difficult to do without your phone in the most intimate rooms of the house such as the bedroom and the bathroom. And yet, it is a very bad habit to avoid. According to a recent US study, anything within a meter of a toilet can come into contact with airborne bacteria or microbes.

in the bra

how and where to keep your phone when running

Although no link has been proven, some experts point to an increased risk of breast cancer in women who keep their phones in their bras. Bacteria and microbes that live on the screen are another good reason to avoid this unsightly gesture.

close to the face when speaking

how and where to store your phone at school

Do you dream of having beautiful and flawless skin? So, in this case, it is better to start by wearing headphones and keeping the smartphone away from the face. Bacteria that accumulate on the screen greatly increases the risk of acne, wrinkles, redness and skin irritation.

A few simple steps to avoid the possible dangers of smartphones

where to keep your mobile phone daily

Obviously, the best advice we can give you is to avoid storing it in the places mentioned above. It is also necessary to change certain daily habits: move the device away from the most sensitive areas of the body (head, back, testicles, ovaries, etc.), opt for wireless headphones or connected glasses, use the loudspeaker if possible, keep your mobile phone in a suitable pocket, in the pocket of your jacket or coat. In the office, place it screen down on the table.

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