A new treatment for lung cancer?


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A study published in New England Journal of Medicine sheds light on a new approach to curing lung cancer. It would be a question, before the surgery, of coupling immunotherapy with chemotherapy.

A study suggests a new way to fight lung cancer. “Each year, 46,300 people are diagnosed with lung cancer, making it the third most common after prostate cancer and breast cancer”, recalls first on the set of 12/13, Tuesday April 12, the doctor and journalist Damien Mascret. He specifies that it is “first in terms of mortality”. Currently, the main curative treatment for lung cancer is surgery, often combined with immunotherapy or chemotherapy. “At the moment, it was just standard chemotherapy, and in this case, we had about 2.2% of cases where we had managed to kill all the cancer cells.”the doctor continues.

According to the study, adding immunotherapy before surgery can achieve a 24% rate and reduce recurrence rates. However, not all lung cancers affect, since it is necessary “be at an early stage”. However, in France, only 20-25% of lung cancers are diagnosed at an early stage. Damien Mascret finally reminds us that there is “two great families” lung cancers: small cell cancers, the most dangerous and least common, that do not respond to immunotherapy, and cancers “non-small cell” which represent 85% of cancers and for which immunotherapy may be useful.

New England Journal of Medicine https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2202170?query=featured_home

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