Severance: the creator talks about the conclusion of season 1 (SPOILERS)

In an interview with the American site, Dan Erickson, the creator and co-showrunner of “Severance”, spoke about the main events of season 1 and its conclusion. And what awaits fans in the second chapter.

Launched last February on Apple TV+, Severance follows the story of Mark, a man who is psychologically devastated after the death of his partner in a car accident. Unable to continue his job as a history teacher, he agrees to join the controversial company Lumon Industries, where the employees agree to have a chip implanted in his brain in order to separate their professional and personal lives. Thus, the employee knows nothing of his existence outside the walls of the company.

Last Friday, the season came to a close in a final episode that offered fans answers to their questions, while asking new ones.

WARNING, the rest of the article contains spoilers for the entire season 1.

So, Dan Erickson was asked about choosing to end season 1 on an excruciating cliffhanger where Mark, brilliantly played by Adam Scott, learns that Gemma, his late partner, isn’t dead, and that he was rubbing shoulders with him at Lumon Industries under the identity. of Mrs. Casey. A discovery made possible after he and his three colleagues managed to implement a strategy to “awaken” his “professional self” outside the walls of Lumon. Dan Erickson accuses – amicably – the director of the series, Ben Stiller.

“I don’t want to denounce Ben Stiller, but he was the one who suggested ending the season at the end of the watch (which allows the personality of the employees to emerge outside the company). And I was like, ‘Okay, people are going to be mad.’ But I think it was actually the best way to wrap it up,” he explains.

A second season oriented abroad

About season 2, Dan Erickson assures that the four companions will be back in the office. But that, this time, viewers are going to find out what their existence is like outside the company. “In season 2, we will show the characters outdoors. Like Mark, everyone who works at Lumon had very personal reasons for having the surgery, and everyone is on the road to recovery in one way or another,” he told

“In season 2, we will see the differences between everyone’s personalities, between their professional identity and their personal identity. We’re really going to expand on this part. But there will always be scenes in the office. And possibly there will be a new melon bar,” he continues. As a reminder, Apple TV+ has renewed Severance for a Season 2. No shooting date has been revealed at this time.

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