Presidential: French Heritage, Culture…Eric Zemmour Makes Remarkable Advance With Versailles Right

Has the right of Versailles fallen to the extreme? After the first round of the presidential elections, the analysis is clear: those who supported François Fillon in 2017 mainly focused on Éric Zemmour, leaving Valérie Pécresse at half-staff and Marine Le Pen on the ground. Anyway, that’s what the numbers say.

Although he came second in the previous elections, Emmanuel Macron became Versailles’ favorite candidate with 33.05%. The LR, which until then were the favorite party in the royal city (43% in the first round of 2017) came this time in fourth position (14.04%) while ¡Reconquista! was placed directly on the second step of the podium with 18.48%. Agrupación Nacional lost part of its electorate with 8.59% while LFI gained ground with 14.07%.

The craze for polemicist Zemmour is such that in five electoral colleges, particularly in the military district of Satory, but also in the districts of Notre-Dame, Saint-Louis, Clany-Gatigny, he obtained more than 25% of the vote.

In the cradle of the Manif pour tous, “it had propitious ground”

“He addressed issues that correspond to part of the population of Versailles, such as the issue of the loss of meaning of French culture and heritage”, analyzes the mayor (DVD) François de Mazières. I don’t think they feel like they’re voting for the extreme right, there’s a part of the talk they don’t want to hear. »

Even before the start of his campaign, Éric Zemmour was already holding public meetings to flirt with the Catholic right, well established in the royal city, the cradle of the Manif pour tous. “Here he had a propitious land that embodies History, continues the councilman. A part of the youth was seduced by his most scathing speech. »

The mayor calls for a vote for Emmanuel Macron

Valérie Pécresse, who was however a deputy from 2002 to 2016 in the Versailles constituency, recorded a score above the national average without, however, standing out. “The notion of a useful vote has certainly served him well, considers François de Mazières. There are people who could have voted for her but preferred to support Macron from the first round. »

In the second round, voters will have to choose between the outgoing president and Marine Le Pen. The latter has never been very popular within the royal city, but could benefit from the transfer of votes, particularly Zemmour’s support. The mayor will vote for Emmanuel Macron and calls on the inhabitants to follow him.

“I am from a center-right tradition and I am a Europeanist, so obviously I will vote for him,” he stresses. I hope that these elections do not create too much tension; It will be important to take care of people’s day to day. »

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