employees can benefit from a bonus of 3000 euros, here are those interested

To start spring off right, we bring you good news! In fact, you may be in for quite a financial surprise! Furthermore, at this time, it cannot be denied that the French are looking for the least economy. In fact, inflation has reached an all-time high. All commodity prices have gone up, be it gasoline, gas, electricity and some foods. Unfortunately, salaries no longer allow us to make ends meet in these conditions. So we explain to you what this new bonus of 3000 euros will fall on you!

A new bonus of 3,000 euros for employees!

The government tries to hide the misery by offering bonuses. It doesn’t change much, but the French take all there is to take. After the inflation bonus, the energy checks, discover this new help and not least since the amount reaches up to 3000 euros! How does it work ? Who is eligible?

A new measure, how does it work?

As of April 7, access the application of your personal training account called CPF. There’s no way you’ve never heard of this term, especially with the many prospecting calls you receive every day. In any case, going to the platform, you can get a pleasant surprise. Employees and employees who have not had a professional interview by their manager for at least 6 years will receive the ordered 3000 euros. In other words, companies with a minimum of 50 employees and more are the only ones affected by this new system. A measure that will surely delight more than one, that’s for sure.

According to the legal texts, all employees must be received by their manager for a professional interview and this at most every two years. These professional interviews must take place on the premises and during working hours. This is an opportunity for the employee and her manager to take stock of career, acquired skills, and future. It is a right of the worker and a duty of the employer. Therefore, training is very important during this interview. It is the way to acquire new skills, to evolve or to change jobs. Therefore, CPF management can be part of the conversation. In addition, these appointments are mandatory after maternity and paternity leave and also after long-term sick leave.

Who are the people affected by this sum of 3,000 euros?

Several people are affected by this new premium. In fact, these are employees who must go through professional interviews every two years and therefore have specific contracts. For example, this refers to various contracts such as CDI, CDD, full-time or interim part-time. In addition, both people under study or apprenticeship and those with professional contracts are also affected by this measure and this bonus of 3,000 euros. However, on any device, there are rules and exceptions. For this measure, there is only one exception that refers to new employees. In fact, those who have joined the company for less than 2 years are not eligible to receive this bonus of 3,000 euros. In any case, for the moment, the priority is for the older ones.

The companies are aware that they risk this fine of 3,000 euros from March 31, 2022. The objective is that each employee can be received and heard during this professional interview. Companies have until April 7 to comply with this law, which will avoid paying the premium. Will this measure satisfy the employees? Alas, we are not convinced!

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