Celebrating arts and culture at Philibert-de-l’Orme Vocational High School

light. Lucé: A celebration of arts and culture at Philibert de l’Orme Vocational High School.

Following the proposal of Joëlle Lecoanet, documentary teacher and cultural reference, an art and culture festival (Flac) was held at the high school, during the week before these spring breaks.

The initiative, validated and supported by the director, Jean-Michel Nouguès, contributes to linking high school life and artistic and cultural careers within the vocational high school.

Three unifying events brought together students (from different classes, each time) around a common project. A first activity, fully financed by the Culture Pass program (Ministries of Culture and National Education), allowed students a break from the cinema, attending screenings of short films, offered by La Caravane sorcelée. Later, other young people tried capoeira after studying the history of this Brazilian martial art that was originally practiced by slaves.

Finally, the students in their last year of high school and the second year of construction created a fresco about the habitat of the future, with the graffiti artist Antu.


“A playful awareness of street art that combines graffiti and construction techniques”, confesses Sébastien Griffaut, professor of painting, without hiding the fact that this activity (financed by the Mix Art program of the Region), has made it possible to work in the eco – construction, sustainable development… and will be presented to the baccalaureate.

Times of awareness, discovery and exchange of skills for students and an opportunity for them to strengthen their participation in the life of the establishment, in particular with the creation of aesthetic, warm and colorful fresco.

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