Better Call Saul: the co-creator analyzes the future of each character (SPOILERS)

Season 6 of “Better Call Saul” will be the last and will bring to an end the personal story of several essential characters. Series co-creator Peter Gould has hinted at what’s in store for some of them.

According to its terms, which were transcribed by the American site, this season 6 will be “devastating”. Both will reveal how Jimmy McGill, a man who aspired to become an exemplary lawyer, became Saul Goodman, a person who exploits every loophole in the system to allow petty criminals and cartels to escape justice. But also what will happen to Gene Takovic, the identity that Jimmy McGill took after the events of Breaking Bad.

What will happen to Kim Wexler, Lalo Salamanca, Howard Hamlin, Nacho Varga, Gus Fring or even Mike Ehrmantraut? Peter Gould gives micro hints on what to expect in season 6.

Kim Wexler

The last time we saw Kim, he was briefing Jimmy on the possibility of solving the Sandpiper case, while taking down Howard Hamlin, his old boss. An offensive attitude that we did not know him. “How far is Kim willing to go? How does she manage to combine the contradiction of using unpleasant methods to do good?” says Peter Gould.

Howard Hamlin

At the end of season 5, Howard questioned Kim’s true motives after leaving the company. “Howard has a depth that we haven’t had the full measure of. The spectators will discover what wood it is made of, and that could surprise more than one”, analyzes Peter Gould.

Nacho Varga

Nacho’s life hangs in the balance after the failed assassination attempt on Lalo Salamanca at his residence in Mexico City. “Nacho manages to transcend himself. He becomes the man he was meant to be,” says Peter Gould.

gus fring

As Season 5 was drawing to a close, he had just ordered the murder of Lalo Salamanca and was beginning to rebuild his Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant after it was destroyed. “Gus is going to find love,” he is content to tell Peter Gould.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike was personally involved in the assassination attempt on Lalo Salamanca, and also gave himself up to save Jimmy from certain death. “Mike will explore the dark side of him like never before,” reveals Peter Gould.

jimmy mcgill

At the end of season 5, Jimmy was hiding out in a hotel with Kim while listening to her make her presentation on the Sandpiper case. “Who is Jimmy McGill? And who is he when he is with Kim?” asks Peter Gould. On Gene Takovic, the co-creator wonders if he is “this man who always runs away, or who will finally face his problems and fight? Also, is Saul Goodman still in the Gene persona?

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