Will our house cats destroy the environment?

How cute and fascinating they are… And yet, our cats could be the cause of real disruption in today’s ecosystem. Details.

La theory predicting that cats will rule the world could be confirmed. Although they are only very cuquis and true contributors to our happiness, our domestic cats might as well fuck the planet From home? Yes, confirm the website notre-planete.info. domestication cats took place 10,000 years ago she had started in roman times with the purpose of “hunt rodents”, remember the independent site that deals with environmental issues.

According Kindchen schema theorythat is to say the “beautiful science” our beloved furballs survived thanks to its charm over us, and now have a well-established place by our side. Now that your survival is assured, the animal goes “towards more autonomy and of the independence”, explains the National Museum of Natural History in Paris to notre-planete.info. the Felis silvestris catus, de its name in Latin, is however, at the planetary level, responsible for the extinction of dozens of species, “behind the rat but ahead of the fox and the dog.” In fact, “nothing but house cats to kill about 324 million small animals per year,” reports the Museum.

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Wild Cat Disappearance

For scientists, the cuteness of cats I won’t save you this time : these predators are in fact one of the main Causes of death for birds and the small mammals. According to notre-planete.info, they “outshine extensively from other sources such as poisoningthe pesticides where the collisions with cars!

Finally, Felis silvestris catus could even make his cousin the wildcat disappear. Felis silvestris, also called forest cat, it was once very common in France. But why hybridization between the two species, in the Jura in particular, the domestic cat will naturally replace the wild cat. To protect the current fauna, the site therefore advises “limit the predation of His cat company” giving you “free access to a varied diet, and not leave it No go out early in the morning or At dusk”.


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