Mayenne Nature Environnement has been working for 40 years to protect fauna and flora

Mayenne Nature Environnement has been working for forty years to protect fauna and flora. (©Mayenne natural environment)

In March 1982, after a break with Mayenne Science, the Mayenne Nature Environnement association was born. Last Saturday, April 2, the general assembly of this movement was held, thus marking its forty years of existence. A long period during which MNE worked for the protection of fauna and flora.

Saulges, notable area

“During the first fifteen years, our mission was to make ourselves known and above all to list all the ZNIEFF, the natural areas of ecological, fauna and floristic interest”, says Alice Burban, co-president of the association and present for 37 years in her breast. Our goal was to get to know the flora and fauna of Mayenne as much as possible. Among the listed areas, out of the ordinary, nature lovers will be able to observe that of Saulges. “A remarkable area,” says Alice Burban.

The other great mission that the MNE has set for itself is far-reaching: to catalog a large part of the species of fauna and flora present in the department. In 1991, Alice Burban and her volunteers produced, for example, the first atlas of breeding birds in Mayenne and, in 2003, that of wild mammals.

For each atlas, there are at least five years of work.

alice burbanCo-president of Mayenne Nature Environnement

backup operations

The history of the association has also been plagued by struggles. Like at the end of the 1990s. “We led a fight against the Saint-Calais-du-Désert dam by creating the Mayenne association,” recalls Alice Burban. There was also the nuclear waste storage project in Izé that we mobilized against. »

“Ordinary protection of nature”

Today, with well-established knowledge, Mayenne Nature Environnement has set itself a new goal. “Now we are focusing on the protection of ordinary nature and its recognition. Mayenne has the particularity of being a bocage department and is now under threat. Our bocage is home to interesting species of flora and fauna. This protection involves, in particular, the rehabilitation of sunken paths, that is, hiking trails. “They are places of tranquility, wooded, with many species, and that can be threatened by the agricultural world. »

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