IN IMAGES, IN PHOTOS. Tallou sees life in purple at the Mythos festival in Rennes

Tallou on stage 17 Capeos during his concert at the Mythos festival in Rennes. (©Hugo Murtas / Rennes News)

A scent of mallow water escaped from Thabor Gardens, Wednesday April 6, 2022. After opening for A2H’s concert in Ubu in March, Tallou was selected by 4Bis Jeunesse to participate in the 25the Mythos festival edition. A true symbol for the artist from Rennes who, in 2019, was on the other side of the stage.

A few hours after his concert, News Rennes took the opportunity to meet the singer and Tom, her beatmaker. The opportunity to talk about music, family, concerts but also (and above all) pink and black

Pink + black = Tallou

Tallou is above all the first name of the young singer of 21 years, but it is also the name of the duo he forms with Tom. The two Rennais have known each other since their high school years. And when it comes to music, they are inseparable.

The creative process is always done in pairs in my Rennes studio. Tallou doesn’t put his voice directly on my instrumentals. We talk about the theme, the atmosphere and we build each piece together from A to Z.

Tom and Tallou at the Mythos festival in Rennes, Wednesday April 6, 2022. (©Hugo Murtas / Rennes News)

East complementarity is totally in the project night rosesreleased in October 2021 on streaming platforms.

Tallou’s soft, expressive and sometimes brittle voice glides gracefully over Tom’s rhythms, sometimes pop, dance, R&B or hip-hop. It’s about balance between colors and feelings.

I see music and sounds as colors that form an atmosphere. When I write, it is always at night. When I need to sleep, but I can’t… Then I turn on all the pink leds in my bedroom, to write what I’m living, that is, love and its dark sides.


black for more roses

the gradient of pink first – with titles Mauve water, Pink universe, Night roses and the cover of the project embodies love and seduction.

Yet it is in the dark that the rose acquires all its splendor. When roses wither and thorns reopen scars: Tallou uses her quill to assert the identity of night roses.

Videos: currently on Actu
the cover of night roses, EP released in October 2021. (© Tallou)

His brother, his mother and Yseult

The young singer, who appreciates this dark side more and more, wrote her anguish in English in his childhood, “probably out of modesty”. (Editor’s note: Tallou sings only once in English in the project anyway. The title is called Roses nuit, like the EP, and Tallou unlocks “Jorja Smith” mode unannounced for almost 2 minutes.)

Is Josue, Tallou’s brother, who pushed her to write in French. An orthodontist and artist, she also passed on her love for the stage to her sister. “He never pushed me to make music, but he inspired me,” smiles the one who is in her last year of physiotherapy in Paris. “I hope that my studies in Paris will be a parenthesis, because my dream is to make a living from music,” she adds.

Tallou on stage 17 Capeos during his concert at the Mythos festival in Rennes. (©Hugo Murtas / Rennes News)

As the discussion progressed, Tallou comes to talk about his mother, whose ability to talk about happiness and the romantic relationship it looks striking. “When he talks to me about the vision of life, it is too powerful, I have to be inspired by it, it is my idol,” he summarizes.

On an artistic level, Tallou says that today she is influenced by Yseult, both in the interpretation of the lyrics and in the musical environment in which it develops. “I also listen to many artists male (Editor’s note: quote Nemir, Damso or even Josman) and I find that my voice mixes quite well with the rappers. »

A new project and upcoming concerts

In 2022, Tallou wants to continue chaining the concerts with obviously Tom at his side. A next appointment is already scheduled for the 4bis, in Rennes, on June 11 Following. Other concerts should follow each other during the summer. Another piece of good news: the duo expands its color palette by preparing a second EP.

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