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Suspected of containing salmonella, the group has recalled several products from the confectionery giant. In recent days, Buitoni pizzas and “Graindorge” cheeses had suffered the same fate.

More and more Kinder products withdrawn from the shelves, a week before Easter. As of Monday, April 4, five categories of the brand’s chocolates have been recalled because they are suspected of containing salmonella. Now, regardless of the expiration date, the manufacturer asks people who have these products to throw them away. They were all made at the factory in Arlon, Belgium. Now it is closed, but the problem already existed last December.

“There is a failure of the companies, we see it in the case of Ferrero. A failure of the health authorities since the States have the obligation to ensure that the controls of the companies are carried out and that the food that is put on the market is safe for the consumer”denounces Karine Jacquemart, director of Foodwatch.

Same scenario at the end of March, this time with regard to frozen pizzas from Buitoni’s “Fraîch’Up” range. contaminated with E. coli, these products are said to have caused the death of two children and caused symptoms in 48 others. Since then, the production of pizzas at the Caudry (North) factory has been banned by the North prefect because deficiencies have been detected in terms of food hygiene.

Following the withdrawal of its “Graindorge” cheeses, the Lactalis group is now withdrawing all raw milk cheeses produced by the company “Les fromageries de Normandie”. They are suspected of contamination by listeriosis. For a year, according to the Ministry of Economy, 4,378 products have been removed from the shelves.

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