around Marine Le Pen, to the health of the enemy brothers

“Better to be second”

But if at the polls the danger of a great Zemmourist replacement had been ruled out for a long time, the fear of being extremis extremis by Jean-Luc Mélenchon will have agitated the militant troop until the last moment. After 8:00 p.m. and what looks a lot like the retirement of the leader of La France insoumise, it remained to be seen what position Marine Le Pen would occupy on this two-seater podium. Relieved, although they already saw themselves at the top of the billboard, many of her followers will have had the victory and “La Marseillesa” modestly. “Don’t write it down, but it’s better to be second than first,” his spokeswoman Thierry Mariani complained backstage. “Why? Because otherwise all the newspapers would have brandished the threat of chaos. “Point of exaltation therefore, except perhaps in the statement of the Eric Zemmour score. It did not matter if it was quick to call Le Pen to vote, Around the buffet, revenge was a dish that could be tasted in all the sauces, where we will be especially amused by the hangover that all these brothers who have become enemies after having betrayed the camp opposite, or rather just, will have to deal with. “The Nicolás Bay, Collard and company, without a doubt, return with their tails between their legs,” warns a young activist.

“A great ball hit…”

That Zemmour voters come naturally to Marine Le Pen, yes, but neither he nor his escort, we insist on the environment of the candidate. “Anyway, Marine repeated that none of them would have had the talent to become one of his ministers. And all Sunday night visitors swear to their great gods that they, at least, had never once considered abandoning ship at the height of the Zemmourist storm. A month and a half ago, a century, an eternity. “After all the pitfalls he has encountered since 2017 and this failed debate, Marine confirms that it is the only possible alternation with Emmanuel Macron”, explains Jean-Paul Garraud, former UMP deputy for Gironde, promised to the post of guard Sella. “There begins another campaign, but always along the same lines, and without reckoning. In a more militant language, listen to this from Hugo, 22: “Now, this glass ceiling to which we are condemned, we are going to give him a big headbutt… But gently unlike Zemmour, and it is necessary with the reinforcement of the Insoumis. »

When a third of the Melencon supporters had promised before the first round to cross the Rubicon in the second, the far-right candidate did not fail to encourage them in her brief speech, thus calling “the voters of the right, left, in addition, of all origins to join this great national and popular meeting”.

Ya, the specter of the debate

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