ZLAN 2022: the teams qualified for the second day | best twitch clips

After long weeks of waiting, ZLAN 2022 is finally about to open its doors. Throughout the weekend, the 228 participants invited to the event will give everything to try to take their share of the spoils, a competition that is sure to be full of emotions.

When ZeratoR lifted the veil in 2019 at the first edition of ZLAN, no one would have believed that in a short time it would be considered by all to be the biggest multigame competition in France and yet.

Like its other flagship event, the ZEvent, each year the new edition of the ZLAN breaks the records set by the previous one, an impressive performance that seems to promise a brighter future.


It’s finally the big day, the ZLAN 2022

It remains to be seen if the trend will continue with this fourth edition of the NWFZ, for now all the indicators are green!

Day 1 of ZLAN 2022 – Friday, April 08

The classified teams

C’est la fin de cette première journée de la NWFZ 2022. After the matches disputed over the games of the phases of pools (voir ci-dessous), we are familiar with the teams who are qualified for the suite of the competition with the samedi 09 april.

Among the favorites, we obviously find the Gotaga team, Slide into dm, or the defending champion, Kenny with FC Clair, who we eagerly await in the final stages. Unfortunately for Rayenne’b’Fever, the team consisting of Etoiles, Kameto and Befreesh, we feel that their time spent leading the French troops during the Pixel War has dealt a heavy blow to their training and will not allow them to continue. the second day of ZLAN 2022.

Find all the information tomorrow when the event resumes in this article.

Phase 1 of the ZLAN 2022 begins at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, April 8. Participants will compete in:

  • Fall Guys (solo race with mutual aid allowed in 3 games, each surviving player earns 1 point for his team, 5 additional points if he wins the game)
  • Elden Ring (relay boss rush with 3 bosses: Dragon Agheel, Godrick and Crimson Wolf of Radagon)
  • Zutom (3 series of 10 minutes with 5 words to find per series, 6 possibilities maximum per word)
  • Riders Republic (Mass Race with 57 players in Mammoth Snow Steer, Canyon Storm and Teton Mania)
  • Apex Legends (2 custom games at Olympus and Storm Zone, teams earn 1 pts per elimination and based on position first place awards 24 pts).

a flying start

Zidane’s message to Kameto

This is not the time to cheat

“But you’re sick!”

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