What is the economic impact on food products?

Sandrine Prioul, edited by Juline Garnier
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15:16, April 09, 2022

The war in Ukraine has an impact on the purchasing power of the French but it is not the only one. Avian flu is raising concern for growers. In Vendée, almost all poultry have been slaughtered and production from new farms has stopped, transforming this epidemic into a major crisis.


Faced with avian flu, the concern of producers is increasing. In the Vendée, almost all poultry have been slaughtered and production from new farms is at a standstill. Between the repercussions of the war and the concern of seeing this flu return almost everywhere, farmers are not in high spirits.

“We are in a crisis that has never been known. We must be aware of that,” saddens Sarah, a Vendée breeder. With her 300 chickens in the last short-circuit hatchery, she is the only survivor of a slaughter wave of more than 15 million birds among her neighbors.

A situation described as uncontrollable

“Today we are faced with an unforeseen situation. When the virus manages to enter a building, all the poultry become contaminated very quickly, and therefore we also have to treat them very quickly. Except, unfortunately, we cannot afford it,” explains the breeder of Saint-Mesmin.

To the microphone of Europe 1, he recounts the trauma of these local breeders condemned to take their own lives, to then dispose of their cattle in an archaic way. “So, effectively, we are not going to find birds at the price we find them in supermarkets. Next, the question to ask is ‘isn’t it rather in our rethinking of our poultry model?’ For me, this parenting model is coming to an end.”

Questions all the more well-founded, the breeder emphasizes, since the birds in short-circuit, she says, are “much more resistant than battery hens.”

A sector already affected by the war in Ukraine

Guest at Europe 1, Joël Limouzin, Vice President of the FNSEA (National Federation of Farmers’ Unions) confirms that this epidemic will have consequences on prices on the shelves. “There will be consequences because 25% of French poultry production will be affected,” he explains, before adding that the sector has already been affected by the war in Ukraine.

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