The latest recommendations from the Haute Autorité de Santé

The public hospital explodes, medical desertification, like an epidemic, spreads throughout the national territory. By 2027, the iqvia company, an expert in health data, predicts that 27 million French people will be deprived of doctors. An independent public authority of a scientific nature, known for its discretion, intervenes on the eve of the elections.

By Jean-Paul Briand

The deterioration of the French health system is such that the High Authority for Health (HAS) is sounding the alarm. It is the association at the head of the HAS, made up of eight scientific personalities, which has prepared an open letter denouncing the inability of health professionals to provide quality care or support to patients.

Loss of opportunity for patients.

The first problem described by the HAS concerns human resources in health facilities, where there is a glaring shortage and particularly difficult working conditions. ” These shortages of personnel contribute to the deterioration of the working conditions of the professionals who remain in the post, thus accentuating the difficulty of the professions /…/ and sometimes leading to the closure of vacancies, vacancies and services. regret the school The situation of lockdown that the emergency department of the Orleans Regional Hospital Center (CHRO) is currently experiencing, with the sick leave of almost all the paramedical staff and the doctors’ strike, is a terrible illustration of this. Ambulatory medicine is not far behind as the insufficiency of the local supply of primary care (general practitioners, nurses and physiotherapists) in certain territories, of which the Center-Val de Loire region is the champion, lead ” lost opportunities for patients “.

Making the social and medico-social professions attractive

The second issue is that of the organization and modalities of financing” that reward activity more than quality or relevance of care “. The solutions proposed by the HAS school are a priori simple. We must invest to make social and medico-social professions attractives” and allow health professionals to provide quality care while evaluating their work with indicators of relevance and quality. It is true that the mission of the HAS is to evaluate practices, professional acts and quality in hospitals, clinics, in city medicine and in social and medico-social structures.

The HAS bosses are in line with the demands made by the striking CHRO emergency doctors by proposing, in order to free up time, ” deployment of bed managers “. HAS is most revolutionary when it offers ” the integration of users in the initial and continuous training of professionals »…

Will the winners of the presidential and legislative elections be inspired by the solutions recommended in the SOS launched by the HAS?

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