NOPLP VIDEO: The show’s drummer fulfilled his dream, Nagui can’t believe it

This Thursday, April 7, Nagui highlighted the drummer Pierre Lucebert who replaces Damien Schmitt after his departure from the band Zikos de don’t forget the lyrics. In fact, the latter has confirmed that he has fulfilled his dream by joining France 2 entertainment.

It might be good to change the name don’t forget the lyrics. In recent days, the giant karaoke of France 2 has taken on the air of fan school, the legendary program of the late Jacques Martin. Because Kristofer, the supercharged new teacher, has never hidden his obsession with the Nagui show, even if it means getting downright creepy. This Belgian student knows the background of the greatest champions like the back of his hand, much to the astonishment of the host, who asked him if he did not secretly work for the INA. “At some point, you have to create something, Kristofer, bring in new blood.”he called to his protégé, who did not dismount. “New Blood You Don’t Have”, answered. Nagui’s blood just took a turn. “I wish you the health I have, c*n!”, he snapped at such insolence.

But wouldn’t the age of the native of Alexandria be a taboo subject? Nagui raved about his longevity again, during the theme song’s broadcast on Thursday, April 7. The fault of the drummer Pierre Lucebert, recently arrived to compensate for the departure of Damien Schmitt. This little drummer genius has confirmed that he has made one of his dreams come true by joining the band Zikos from don’t forget the lyrics. “You know, there are dreams that sometimes come true. For example, our talented drummer, Pierre, is 25 years old and I was 10 years old, I was watching the show dreaming of being a part of itreported one of the musicians while challenging Kristofer.

Nagui tickled him at his age

A confidence that even Nagui ignored. “Really? You never told me that my Pierre! When you were 10, did you watch the show saying ‘I’m going to be a drummer here’?” questioned. “That’s really true for once”then confessed the one who secured one of the tours of The voice. And joking: “I could already see them, they were younger and more beautiful.” The shovel too much for his eldest son, back in the prime of life. “But enough with these old age stories! You know what? Hit 60 banks to put up with this show. That’s all the damage I wish for you.”, replied the presenter, decidedly sensitive on this subject. The other side of the coin for those who improve over time.

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