Mang’animes brings together several generations of fans around pop culture

Third edition already successful for young and old at Mang’animes this Saturday, April 9 at the Parc expo. The festival continues on Sunday April 10 with a cosplay contest and a Bernard Minet concert.

“We come above all for the spirit of community”. For Marius, Jahmal, Ryan and Mathéo, it is the same observation. They all emphasize the “good atmosphere” who reigns over the place.

Previously they were in front of the big stage where they attended a hypnosis show by YouTuber Pierr Cika. Then at a concert by the Secret Zero group, which uses salsa pop metal for the credits ofanimated Japanese (cartoons) of all ages.

They don’t seem in the least bit bothered by the incredible density of visitors in the halls. “We expected between 6,000 and 8,000 people for this 3rd edition”announces the organization team, “but we had so many people we couldn’t keep track”.

Geek culture and derivative products

Jahmal, on the other hand, also seemed to appreciate the treats. He alone supposes to have made almost €200 of expenses. About 20% of the stalls are in fact stores whose products revolve around geek or Japanese culture.

Among them is that of Julien Boitel, who joined his wife Roxanne in offering cut-out wooden dioramas for sale. “There is real potential to make a living, so I’m putting aside the specs to apply my graphic design skills to something I really enjoy.”, he explains. All of his creations refer to pop culture, illustrating, for example, scenes from cult video games such as The Legend of Zelda or Metroid, or reproducing very particular manhole covers that can currently be seen in certain cities in Japan. “And it works strong”ensures.

Club Dorothée forever

yes teenagers otaku (manga fans) fans of this type of product are an important part of the public of the event, they are not the only generation represented. At the other extreme, Bernard Minet, a singer and actor known above all for his interpretation of the credits ofanimated The Dorothée Club, from Saint-Seyia to Dragon Ball passing through Bioman, offers a conference in which it reviews its 35-year career.

In front of him, an audience of almost quadratic fans who came as a family, babies in arms for some, a girl covered in confetti for others. Recorded from start to finish, they drink from the anecdotes of this iconic character from his childhood. Some even still have their Club Dorothée card!

Mang’animes continues on Sunday April 10 at the Parc Expo in Nîmes. Prices: from €8 to €15. Bernard Minet will be in concert at 3:15 p.m. on the main stage. No health pass required. Program and tickets

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