in terms of health, a campaign that does not convince

The caregivers, the hospital, the medical deserts… Health has been included in the programs of this presidential election. On paper, at least. After two years of health crisis, which put an already fragile system to the test, it was difficult to ignore this issue entrenched in the main issues of concern of the French. “This is the first time that we have talked so much about health, all the candidates have at least made a speech, a trip on the subject, which was far from the case in previous elections”, Judge Frédéric Valletoux, President of the French Hospital Federation. But, at the same time, the manager admits: “It is still true that, in the end, as in all issues during this campaign, we did not hear much. »

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Beyond the low place that health occupies in the debates of this strange campaign, the substance of the proposals perhaps raises even more questions in the medical community, still largely under the fire of difficulties, despite the decline of the last wave of Covid-19. Shortage of nurses, closure of beds, saturated emergency services forced to close at night due to lack of sufficient staff… the ills of the hospital are far from having been overcome, despite the Ségur de la santé -a plan initiated by the government in the summer 2020 – and its significant salary increases.

“Beside the plate”

Hire more, train more, raise salaries, open beds… From right to left, we compete with proposals to reach the head of the hospital. However, key stakeholders remain skeptical. “Everyone says they support the caregivers and the hospital, but there are no real solutions, it remains on the sidelines, estimates Olivier Milleron, a cardiologist at the Bichat hospital in Paris, and a member of the Interhospital Collective. There was no real debate on these questions: what should be the place of the public hospital in society? What role for the public and for the private? How do we restore attractiveness to the care professions? »

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For the doctor, we are still in a “accounting view” of the hospital “This is what drives away the caregivers, who continue to leave it in large numbers, as they have no prospect of improvement, it is very worrying, he continues. Do we finance according to needs, or according to activity, like today, with the idea of ​​regulating the budget? We have not heard of any key measures that would change things. » In particular, it recommends the establishment of a mandatory “ratio” in hospitals, that is, a minimum number of caregivers for a certain number of patients.

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