Energy saving (electricity/gas): 10 good habits/habits to really save

👉 Reduce the amount of your bills

Energy prices will explode. Russia, one of the world’s leading gas suppliers, will no longer be considered reliable. Oil and electricity prices will rise as each country tries to gain independence from its neighboring countries. To lower your energy bills, you can try switching providers, but you won’t get substantial, lasting savings because energy is expensive. And the price is a way to reduce consumption and thus limit scarcity.

1️⃣ 1° less heating, 7% savings

gas heating : lowering the temperature of your home by 1 degree means saving 7% on gas consumption. The temperature of 19 degrees in the accommodation is still pleasant. The most cautious obviously should not stay with light clothing and put on a sweater at no cost. Another bonus, lowering the temperature in your home is good for your health. Leave the rooms without heating, for a good sleep, the body temperature must drop 2°.

2️⃣ Electrical appliances turned off

Appliances on standby : They consume more in standby than during their use time. And yes, although they do not consume much during their standby time, since the devices are usually on standby, they consume more, in general, than during use. So remember to stop them electrically, this can make you move to your TV, again, moving is good for your health, you will be less cold, and it is better for the planet and your bills!

3️⃣ Limestone Quest

Organize the search for limestone! Your water heater or your hot water tank sees its performance decrease and therefore its electricity consumption increase due to the layer of limestone present in the electrical resistance. It is easy to maintain your electric water heater by emptying it, every 5 years, to remove all the accumulated limescale. This will preserve the life of your water heater and therefore you can far exceed 25 years of service! But still, don’t wait too long and get started! Many videos on YouTube can help you if you are not handy at all. Uncool! Much more, your kettles and other coffee makers, which take several minutes to heat up, beg you to descale their resistance. But there, your profit will be residual…

4️⃣ Flexible and reasoned cooking

Cook responsibly! Fewer dishes used means less energy to wash and dry them. Better organization of the way of preparing meals involves sharing cooking in the oven, reducing the cooking time of each dish by keeping, for example, hot water to cook pasta to wash the dishes, or any other trick of the same style. . Maybe avoid this recipe that requires 210 minutes of baking, just for this dish that you could probably do without for a few months, just to make things more favorable, right?

5️⃣ There is no ice cream where it is cold!

Refrigerators, freezers: regular maintenance, defrosting and defrosting are necessary. Ice that forms on the coldest parts of your appliances to produce cold reduces the performance of your appliances. As a result, the compressor runs longer for less efficiency. It wears out faster, its service life is reduced. Your electricity consumption increases. Thus, once a year, you should remove the ice from all your appliances that produce cold.

6️⃣ Gadgets and connected objects, out!

Connected objects: not too much! While some can save you energy, many are just devices that draw power for a service you can perform yourself. In addition, those that are supposed to save energy are also expensive, and the profitability of this type of device is far from certain. So yes, technology is super nice, but don’t fall into this gadget madness, controlling everything from your mobile is useless. Think about the day your mobile was stolen, that should calm you down 🙂

7️⃣ Washing machine: 30°, enough is enough!

Watch out for the shields. But since 2008, European regulations prohibit detergent manufacturers from making them more effective above 40 degrees. In other words, when you opt for a 60 degree washing program, thinking that your clothes will wash better, you are wrong. On the other hand, it’s true that certain tasks will actually come out easier at 60 degrees, but bedding will also be more ruined. All detergents are now effective from 30 degrees.

The dryer should be avoided.. If you want to save electricity, it is this device that should no longer be used. Its power consumption is very high. It’s just an electric resistance with a fan placed in front of a pile of wet clothes… Imagine the efficiency, it’s very low.

8️⃣ Lighting, lamps on

It’s not Versailles here! you know And yet it is terrible to see the number of rooms where the lights are on when no one is present. And this for hours. A source of savings that many neglect, thinking that a light bulb, to the new standards, without consuming much, is nothing. Think again. Use natural light as much as possible. Much better for your health, it allows you above all to make substantial savings. In choosing your interior decoration, avoid dark colors, especially on the floor, you will always have to leave the lamps on to move, when you don’t necessarily need them. Of course, opt for energy saving light bulbs! But be careful, just because your light bulbs are “low consumption” doesn’t mean you should leave them on unnecessarily! It would be a remedy worse than the disease!

9️⃣ Shower: no more than 5 minutes!

It’s a public health issue! If you stay in the shower for 10 minutes, under very hot water, you probably think that it makes you feel good, but you are wrong. After having been cold, it is especially advisable not to take a shower that is too hot, to avoid a thermal shock with your epidermis. In addition, it considerably softens the upper layers of the skin, a flaccid effect that few people seek. Obviously, in the context of saving energy, you will understand thata shower in 2 minutes flatThere are so many savings made, both in water and in the energy needed to heat all this water, the use of which is, to say the least, useless.

1️⃣0️⃣ Track your efforts

With the new counters (like Linky), it’s easy to see the fruits of your efforts. And you will be proud of yourself! And you will be able to show it to people close to you to show that with a little effort, savings materialize.


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