Elden Ring, mimetic veil: how to recover the ideal object to hide during invasions?

news tip Elden Ring, mimetic veil: how to recover the ideal object to hide during invasions?

Elden Ring players, have you ever heard of the mimetic veil? This is an essential item if you plan to hide in the event of an invasion! But how to get it back? We suggest you see this together in our guide.

We explained to you not long ago how to recover the language of mockery, thus allowing you to be invaded whenever you want. To go further in Elden Ring, let’s now see how to retrieve an item that will allow you to play hide and seek. with your invaders. And remember to take advantage of this method that allows you to heal yourself without vials while it’s still in play!

The interest of the mimetic veil

the mimetic veil It is a very interesting item to counter invaders of your world in Elden Ring. This item allows you, for 6 FPs, to transform into a decorative item. You’ll be able to transform into armor, cannon, etc… Not really useful solo, this item makes sense when you’re invaded. In fact, the invader will try to find you and waste time looking for you and checking where you are. And you might even be able to frustrate him enough to quit the game, which will earn you some money. runes… It’s also a bit of the game’s meta at the moment, which we’ll talk about in another article…

You can pick it up pretty early in the game, i.e. at the Château de Voilorage. get to grace site Vigilance tower inside the castle, then instead of going out, go back and go left. Then you will see an elevator waiting for you.

Once at the top, continue straight and once at the back of the room, go right and take the stairs. In the next room there is a banished knight. Kill him to make him shut up, but don’t leave the room right away. Get on the platform and you will see a chest there. Open it and you will find the mimetic veil inside. We wish you long games of hide and seek with this item! And don’t forget that when an invader leaves your game, you gain runes as if you had defeated them… making this item almost indispensable!

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