Ain. They totally changed their lives by opening bed and breakfast

The old Bressan farmhouse from the 18th centuryY century in which time seems to have stopped in the oak beams, the stones and the bricks, which became a guest room, after several successive owners, immediately attracted Isabelle Satre and Benoît Cordier, a young enterprising couple with two children aged 7 and 9. , settled since last May.

“The project has been maturing for several years. When visiting this property, we were immediately seduced by the green setting, magnificent in the middle of the countryside, a crush, confesses the couple. We had been considering another way of life for several years. The three bedrooms of the rural house were immediately remodeled so that they were quickly operational. »

Benoit, a lawyer by training and an employee for 20 years, is now dedicated to receiving guests and maintaining the property.

Isabelle defines herself more as self-taught

After obtaining a master’s degree in health and social training, he worked in vocational training for the benefit of construction craftsmen before opening a company in Lyon in the children’s world.

For the past two years, Isabelle has been airbrushing (stripping and restoring) antique furniture in her home.

The park is planted with many species, shrubs and flowers, a swimming pool and a pond for fishing that is the charm of families passing by.

“Regularly take care of the property and the environment”

The work is not lacking, in autumn, Benoît notably carried out a partial and manual uprooting of the water lilies.

Beyond their decorative aspect, the water lilies contribute to the biological balance of the pond, notably reducing the summer heating of the water. In addition, water lilies serve as a hiding place for wildlife and contribute to biodiversity, in addition to preventing the proliferation of algae. However, care must be taken to regulate the progression of water lilies, an invasive species that risks invading the entire body of water.

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Benoît highlights the nature and authenticity of the places, sought after by passing clients: “We must regularly take care of the property and the environment, with new efforts every day. »


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