What bulletin to save the planet? These environmentally concerned Orleans are not too pleased with the debates

The latest report from the IPCC, the international climate experts, states that there are only three years left to reverse the curve of greenhouse gas emissions and contain global warming. While some voters will be more attached to issues of health, education, for Orléans residents who are already aware of environmental issues, the candidates’ position on this issue will take center stage in the election of the future president.

“Politicians don’t listen”

“At the moment, what they offer is very insufficient. In my opinion, it is an absolute necessity, but the debate focuses on other points, such as immigration, which are not a priority for me“, regrets Guillaume, 31, a professor with a scientific background, who is involved in the association La Fresque du climat.

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If he has not yet chosen the name he will put on the polls this Sunday, he says he knows “more or less who he will not vote for.” Several associations and media have made comparisons on the environmental issue. Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s shows seem to have a better environmental focusHowever, he says he is pro-nuclear and considers himself out of step with the EELV candidate’s proposals. “But the candidates who have pro-nuclear policies are against my views.”

He has the feeling that people “are more sensitive to the issue, but that politicians don’t understand it.” He would like degrowth to assert itself “as a necessity, but the politicians don’t want to seize it. We must fight for lower consumption, no technical solution will solve the problem that is too systemic. We must limit consumption to find a society where we live happily without consuming much.

Why doesn’t the environment find an echo in the presidential campaign?

“We don’t talk enough about the fight against waste”

Caroline, who works for an appliance recycling company, hasn’t been overly interested in the programs or the debates between the candidates so far.

However, the environmental issue will have a place in your choice when you go to vote. “Since working here, I have become more aware of waste issues.. In recent years, many things have been implemented to allow companies to limit waste. I realize how much there is to do and how much there is to lead. For me it will be important to know if these actions will continue to be carried out. I don’t listen much to the debates, but I have the impression that we don’t talk much about this topic. I planned to read the programs before going to vote.”

Cindy Roudier Valaud


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