Strasbourg, first for its action in favor of the environment

Since the beginning of its mandate, the ecological municipality has focused on tree planting, the environment and sustainable development, in particular with its Canopy Plan. We have to believe that his action did not go unnoticed, since our city received the 1st national award on April 6 for his action in favor of the environment and sustainable development. A new title of “capital of” to put in your bag.

In August 2020, the city of Strasbourg adopted its Canopy Plan during the town hall. A goal: 10,000 new trees planted by 2030, in order to achieve an increase in the crown from 26% to 30% in the territory. This great greening project consists of planting different species of trees in all public spaces, in all neighborhoods. Last year, for its first season, the Municipality planted 966 trees. Same number for the second season. Data that, together with innovations in this field, have consolidated Strasbourg as the “capital of the environment and sustainable development”.

Location of the 1,932 trees already planted as part of the Canopy Plan
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Strasbourg capital of the environment and sustainable development

On Wednesday, April 6, the City Council published a press release to announce the good news. Strasbourg received the first prize of the Eco-Actions Trophiesthat have been rewarding for over 30 years “innovation and exemplary nature of local authorities in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development“. The innovation in question? The “tree button”, launched by the city to allow residents of Strasbourg to suggest places to plant trees. Since the end of 2020, it has made it possible to offer 279 planting sites, some of which the City was able to use. To give some examples:

  • glacis park
  • The area around the Gare-aux-Marchandises roundabout
  • Place Kléber, with its 5 new trees
  • Avenue du Pont de l’Europe
  • The Parc des Foulons, at the request of the association “Portes de la Montagne Verte”

Jeanne Barseghian was obviously delighted with this 1st prize obtained by the City: “This local initiative affirms our will to combine our objective of citizen participation with that of greening the city. More than 270 sites have already been suggested. I am delighted with this desire to act from the inhabitants, being a force of proposal to achieve the ecological transformation of our city.. What is expressed is a strong desire for nature in the city, a need and a desire to leave space for vegetation. Our political project to create a green city is not only understood, but supported by the citizens”.

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The results of season 2 of the Canopy Plan

The mayor of Strasbourg was once again on deck this Thursday, April 7, for a closing press conference for season 2 of Plan Canopy. Of the 966 trees planted this year, there are 506 in public and private spaces in the City, 313 called “alignments” or on Eurometropolis land and finally 147 as part of urbanization operations.. Note the 60 trees on the avenue du Rhin, the 43 on the place de la Meinau with the replacement of dead trees, the 25 trees near the Wacken pool, and the 8 near the Robertsau pool. Stadiums and parks have not been forgotten either: des Contades is equipped with 39 more trees, the one of the Orangerie 25, while the Michel Walter stadiums (22), of the Ganzau (34) and of the roundabout (31) were also served in new essences.

In this sense, a hundreds of different species were planted during this second campaign. We will thus mention maples, lindens, chestnuts, alders, birches, hornbeams, beeches, acacias, walnuts, plane trees, poplars, ornamental cherry trees, willows, oaks, elms, honey trees, cedars, firs and pines. At the end, Jeanne Barseghian also signed the “Declaration of Tree Rights” made by the ARBRES association and in particular mentioned in the National Assembly on April 5, 2019.. In a nutshell, this statement is intended to recognize trees as sentient living beings, which must be respected. A symbolic act by the City Council, to show the importance of trees in Strasbourg.

As Season 2 draws to a close, the township already has its sights set on Season 3. It’s already considering some clues for upcoming plantings. It includes the Malraux peninsula, the Quai du Woerthel near Ponts Couverts, the Quai Koch near the Parc des Contades, and the Gayot market square.

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