Rumors, false profiles, bans… Women track Salim B. on social media

“I’m putting aside my life a little bit to take care of that. I’m bored, but if I don’t do it, who will? » Nothing predisposed Alice (her first name has been changed), a young Parisian who works in the world of luxury, to become one of the “whistleblowers” who, since 2019, monitor dating apps daily and multiply messages alert, to the point of making Salim B. and his many profiles a kind of “scarecrow” of dating applications, this privileged channel of contemporary seduction.

Nothing more than a conversation in 2011 on any of these platforms. “We had a little argument, it stopped there. » She meets another man and forgets about him, until she hears from him again a few years later, in private groups of photographic models. Even before the case that will earn him preventive detention in October 2016 -he is accused by 16 women of rape and sexual assault, committed during photo sessions at his home, in a context of alcohol and suspected chemical submission-, his behavior with models. has already earned a bad reputation, sums up Atalante, another young woman who also ” feel[t] invested in preventing and protecting women” actions of Salim B. According to her, the arrest of Salim B., in 2016, “shocked the world of fashion and modeling”.

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When the man was released under judicial control in 2019, a private group was created, joined by Atalante and Alice. “share information” around the Salim B case. The man is then largely ” net “ in professional photography circles, but activists fear he will continue his actions. Therefore, they created several images warning about the dangers of the character, very quickly shared widely on social media in the post-#metoo context.

These messages contain a lot of truth, but also a bit of falsehood. In particular the fact that Salim B. would be a carrier of HIV, even that he would have deliberately contaminated the victims. “You see how there are things that are created, that circulate, girls that I met, when they saw this on the internet they had to take medication, it is serious”Salim B. protests, presenting negative evidence in support of his statements.

False identity

The man, who shows dozens of screenshots of insults and death threats, received on his profiles on social networks or by email, threatened certain influencers who spread information about him with defamation complaints. “People tell us that it is too much, we have to explain that the police do not say anything, do nothing, that the victims write to us every week, we have no other solution”, justifies Atalanta.

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