Julie, Jacques, Max and Jules, the disco family

the essential
Jules Dumas has just won the title of French discus throw champion among cadets, a passion he owes to Jacques, his father.

“At home, near Lanuéjouls, I built a discus throwing cage in the garden. It was at the beginning of the confinement, we wanted to play sports, I told myself that this achievement was not impossible to achieve, ”laughs Jacques Dumas.
Therefore, the throwing cage was added to a small weight room. Sport is part of the Dumas family’s lifestyle.
“I have always practiced athletics. In Arles, where he lived, he did sprints and combined events. There were launches. When we came to settle in Aveyron, I chose the easy way throwing the discus, the hammer, it was less demanding to train. I graduated from the Villefranche-de-Rouergue club. My two sons came, Max and Jules, they discovered weight throwing, the discus, they liked this activity”.

A dazzling progression

The progress of the two young people is dazzling. Regional records fall, France’s record for the lowest is almost surpassed. We see the eye of the father’s coach who knew how to transmit and accompany.
“I don’t shout, I don’t get angry when a gesture is not mastered. We just redo it so it’s smooth to learn. I don’t know if it is more or less easy to be the father of young athletes. You know your children perfectly, which allows you to deeply feel their behavior and adapt to it. The downside is that athletes also know their coach and that can make them less patient.” Be that as it may, the quartet of Julie, Jacques, Max and Jules works wonderfully.
“Jules’ title of French champion is the reward for his work and the commitment of our family. Jules is methodical, she spends hours in front of videos of discus throw champions to understand her gestures. Video is an exceptional tool to progress these days. Young people observe, understand with this variable to be able to apply what they have understood to themselves. It is not easy because each person, due to their morphology, due to their feelings, has individual technical subtleties. It is a long work of understanding that the observers must carry out”.
Then it’s time to organize a sports race. “Many sports coaches have contacted me to recruit my children. I did not want them to fall into the hands of coaches who only think of themselves and value themselves with the results of the young people without respecting them physically and intellectually. Today, Max and Jules are licensed by the Rodez club and educated at a high school in Poitiers. It was the right formula for them.”

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